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Odious, Counterfeit Moral Superiority at Crossroads

Some comments from Crossroads.
By Nick Hudson

I was going to be more charitable and say that Ms. Chastain simply was pointing out that Emmet Till wasn’t accused of rape–he was brutally murdered and thus not relevant to whatever her book is about. However, I then read her blog posts and quickly lost any sympathy when she compared Emmett Till to cases like the murder of Antonio West and apparently thinks that false rape accusations are a huge problem, equal to if not more so than actual rape. So frankly, I don’t care what she meant. I’m sure it was vile.
So you're not interested in truth, huh? An assumption of vileness, with no effort made to find out if it's true, is par for the course from people like you (i.e., Simpson bots). How's about you save your "sympathy" for somebody who needs it.

To me, what's comparable between the Till and West cases is that both victims were murdered and both murders were tragedies. Apparently you think Till's life was more valuable than little Antonio's .The difference between you and me is that I think they were equally valuable -- and the murders were equally tragic. Yep, that's vile, all right.

You didn't mention the other cases  -- Wichita, Knoxville, the murdered coeds in Georgia and Alabama...

My interest is in pointing out liberal/leftist/progressive hypocrisy about such subjects. That's what sticks in a progressives' craw -- and that is what's really vile to them.

False accusation involves reports to authority -- the police in the case of rape, or the EEOC or similar authority in the case of sexual harassment on the job.

I'm no expert on the Till case, but my understanding is that he did nothing that warranted reporting to the authorities -- and nobody made anything up to report (a false accusation). What happened was that he was kidnapped and murdered.

For some reason, Brooks Simpson thinks that because this brutal murder happened, my novel shouldn't have been written as is. He evidently thinks that Southern white boy characters in novels should be portrayed as racist killers, and not as honorable, decent or heroic. And Southern whites should NEVER be portrayed as suffering injustice.

Hudson, I don't have a million dollars to offer you to copy and paste anything in my post that proves, or even indicates, that I think false rape accusations are a huge problem, equal to if not more so than actual rape.  But if I did have it to offer, you wouldn't get it because you can't copy and paste what's not there. Capsice?
Brooks Simpson:

No one said that Emmett Till was accused of rape. The whites involved in his murder, however, made claims about his behavior that are disputed. She took them at face value.

I didn't take anything at face value. I simply repeated what's been said about the case. I don't know everything that happened, and neither do you.
Corey Meyer

What I see as one of the main failures of Connie’s understanding of history is that in many cases…like the South’s secession and the murder of Emmett Till…is that it is these actions that bring about the greatest change in the country. Then she and the other Southern Hystarians cry foul when others claim the south is backwards and behind the times. Amazing.

Corey, I cry foul when there is foul.

The only reason the South is behind the rest of the country (and it isn't all that far behind anymore) is because it was devastated by an illegal and brutal war (by the oh-so-advanced and civilized north) a mere 150 years ago (there are people living today who are children of the soldiers that fought in that war). And after the war, it was kept in grinding poverty by economic peonage for the financial benefit of the north for several generations. Remember, the discriminatory freight rates that kept Southern industry artificially suppressed did not end until 1952 (and only under the threat of a Supreme Court suit). Every cloud has a silver lining, though, and all those generations, few yankees moved South. Today, there's a flood of 'em -- a change we could do without, in most cases.

If the change you're talking about involves racial conflict in the South -- the reason there was more of it here was because this is where the vast, vast majority of black people live. 

 It's not because Southern whites are inherently more racist or violent than any other whites. If blacks were spread evenly across the country, the racial conflict would be spread evenly across the country. We know this because the few areas of the north (mainly cities) where there are (relatively) large black populations, there is a history of racial conflict that goes back to the early migrations of blacks in the South to northern cities. There were race riots (which is an almost exclusively northern-city occurrance) that saw whites invade black communities and kill the inhabitants. Blacks fought back and whites died, too; but most of the dead were black.

There were occasional lynchings, also -- even in ultra-Blue Minnesota (though some of the victims were not black).

One of the most repugnant things about the north is its self-congratulatory racial righteousness -- based not on northern white "goodness" but on a small black population confined mostly to (highly segregated) cities. Anybody can pretend racial righteousness when they're basically the only race in town and, as a result, have no racial conflicts.

You live in Putnam County, Illinios, do you not, which has a population that's almost 97% white (5803 people), which is also home to a whopping 32 black people (less than 1%, or 0.53%).

For several years in the 1970s, I lived in a town in central Illinois. Demographics today are about what they were then. Total population, 18,555. White, 17,342. Black 433. Before moving to Illinois, I lived in six locations (tiny unincorporated communities to small cities) in three states of the South (Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana) and since leaving Illinois, I've lived in one city, in one state, in the South (Florida). The central Illinois town was the whitest place I've ever lived. In one place in Alabama, the population was about 73% black.There are several places across the South with similar demographics.

The north's dirty little secret is its history of violent racial conflict despite such a small black population. I don't care what aspect you consider, the north had no moral authority to invade and lay waste the South -- not because of slavery or secession or any other reason -- and the lily white states and rural areas of the north today have no basis for their odious racial self-righteousness and counterfeit moral superiority.

(It will be interesting to see  how long it will take Simpson to jump through this hoop and produce some piddly little "evidence" totally absolving the north of the slightest racial hiccough.)


Regarding that graphic; filth such as the Chastain entity need to understand that, like it or not, the world will be a better place when all of the white people like her are indeed “gone.” I spit on their graves.

The graphic that inspired Mike's odious post is this one:

Mike has embraced the multicultural/diversity meme that white people are responsible for all the worlds evils. Certainly they're responsible for their share, but so is everybody else.  But what multiculturalism and diversity puts forth is this:

White people are responsible for all the world's evils.
White people have done nothing good whatever.
Non-white people have accomplished all the world's good.
They have done nothing evil whatever.

Simply isn't true.

If MikeD wants to spit on some white graves, he should go to South Africa. They're increasing at a breathtaking pace.  And if you want to see what the world will look like without white people (or with so few they won't have an impact, good or bad), follow MikeD to South Africa and take a look around.  Whites are being genocided out of existence, evidently as payback for apartheid.  They're being murdered in horrific ways. The place is degenerating into dark and bloody hellhole that's appalling in its savagery.

Stories about the genocide are starting to get a little attention in the west. But one thing western news sources are continuing to ignore so far is that the number of blacks murdered is horrifically high, as well and their "quality of life" is appalling. As it turns out, blacks were much better off under apartheid than they are under the ANC.

Of course, it is racist to know this. It's racist to even notice it, and certainly racist to say something about it. But people are starting to say something about it. The hysterically thrown label, racist, is losing its power, it has been misused for so long. 

Be sure and let us know how your grave-spitting expedition works out, MikeD...

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