Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Check Out the Change to the Comments Function

Folks, I've changed the Comments section from a separate page, to a text box at the end of the post and any existing comments. This method allows for a "REPLY" link after each comment. If you choose to use it, your comment will appear in-line after the one you're replying to.  If you are replying to the post rather than to someone else's comment, your comment will be added at the end of the list.

If this suits everyone, we'll leave it this way.


  1. I surfed for instructions or code to use colored backgrounds to differentiate comments, or even how to insert a line between them, but nothing I tried worked. Hope it doesn't get too confusing. (Apologize to BParks for using the racist term "colored" but, hey, that's what the writers of the code called it. I think they wuz Asian... )

    1. So far so good Connie. I love your new setup!

  2. It makes the screen hop around when its loading, but eventually it settles down. I would have thought Google/Blogger would be savvier than that...


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