Friday, February 21, 2014

The Flogger Path to Truth

Kevin Levin has posed a question -- is the draping of a noose and Georgia flag over the Ol Miss statue of James Meredith related to the Georgia Confederate Flag license plate?

His answer: "You decide."

Not, "Wait until the investigation turns up an answer." Not, "Check to see if the Mississippi accused say whether the plates connected to their actions."

Just up and decide for yourself whether they're connected. As if that's how truth is arrived at.

For the floggers, that's pretty much par for the course. Truth is whatever they up and decide it is.


  1. That's not even the best from Levin's blog. Levin has a post bemoaning the late date that Ole Miss desegragated. He even has a dramatic photo of segregationists protesting the integration of the University. Levin, of course, was pious, with just the right touch righteous indignation.

    One wonders, quite naturally, when Levin's Gann Academy will follow the lead of Ole Miss and admit black students. Ole Miss did it in 1962. Well Kevin?

  2. Astute observation, Austin. Ten to one not one flogger or floggerette will make one single mention of it here, or on their flogs/comments...

  3. Thank you Connie. Now if Mackey would open his blog to blacks, asians Muslims, and hispanics...

  4. Corey Meyer asks if we know Gann Academy is a Jewish school. Presumably, he thinks it's okay to discriminate against others -- if you're Jewish. Presumably, he thinks segregation and exclusion are okay -- as long as Jewish folks are the ones doing it.

  5. Is Corey saying that the Gann Academy doesn't teach English, History, Math, and Science? Or just that the Gann Academy simply refuses to educate black children?

    1. He sed, "Austin, You do understand that the Gann Academy is a Jewish school and blacks are not usually Jewish. So claiming that Levin's school does not accept blacks is a bit disingenuous."

  6. Corey babbling again? He teaches at an all-white school.


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