Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shuddering Revulsion and Anger Overflowing With Rage (Smirk)

So at some civil war symposium, they voted on the person of the year.

Sez Kevin Levin, "No doubt, many will shudder in revulsion after hearing of such an honor. For a select group their anger will overflow with rage when they learn that the title was bestowed on Sherman ... "

I can't decide whether that's purple prose, or yaller journalism. Or both. Yes, yes, I know it's a joke to think of Levin's flog (or any other flog) as journalism, but you get my drift....

Frankly, I think it's appropriate, in a couple of ways. Now that the  ex-Museum of the  Confederacy has become the Museum of Trashing and Bashing the Confederacy, what better Man of the Year could their be? I mean, who's gonna top Cump next year? There IS nobody.

And not only is he the best choice for Man of the Year for some symposium or other. He embodies the killing/murdering bully state the USA has become -- sending its young men around the world to kill and be killed; the country where citizens can't tell cops from soldiers anymore; where cops shoot pets as a matter of course; where the "war on drugs" and the "war on terror" have become wars on American civilians, which would no doubt please Sherman to no end ...

The country has gone crazy, and he's the very image of the criminally insane. I mean, look at him. Have you ever seen a picture of him where he DIDN'T look like he belonged on a psych ward?

Yep. Not only is Sherm an appropriate choice for whatever's happening at the MOTBC -- he could  take the place of the eagle as THE symbol of the USA...

(Shuddering revulsion; anger overflowing with rage... gotta use these in my next romance novel!)


  1. Ms. Chastain, what did you think of the runner up?

    1. You mean, what did I think of his making the list?


  2. There was a tauting comment from one of Levin's idiot patrons which declared "Uncle Billy made Georgia howl"!

    Does that stupid jackass think that celebrating ruthless cruelty is cute and clever? And does that same brainless
    cretin really think that two can't play this game? As in:

    " Uncle Henry made Andersonville howl!" or

    " Uncle John made Mary Todd howl!"

    Who thinks Levin would post:

    "Uncle Heinrich made Auschwitz howl!"

    They are such scum. They really are.

  3. Surprisingly, the runner-up was Irish immigrant and Confederate General Patrick Cleburne. He was nominated explicitly for his proposed Confederate Emancipation plan.

    Cleburne's emancipation proposal was a genuinely radical document. It would not have merely put blacks in the Confederate army, it would have effectively ended slavery. While it is common to describe his plan as having been ignored, in fact it was actively suppressed by the Richmond government. Irrelevant proposals are ignored, dangerously radical ones are suppressed.

    1. Actually I believe that Cleburne was more nominated for his actions at Ringgold Gap where he earned the nickname "Stonewall of the Confederacy" and the thanks of the Confederate Congress....oh and his final action at the Confederate victory at Franklin.

    2. Carl, considering the bunch that was voting, I suspect those actions made not one whit of an impression on them. The only thing that matters to those people is the slavery angle.

    3. Pat Young:
      "While it is common to describe his plan as having been ignored..."

      Actually, Cleburne's proposal did bear some positive results. While the top generals (Johnston, &c) did not support his overall plan, they did urge the government to use blacks in labor duties in the place of whites. The law that was passed February 17, 1864 was the result and free blacks were enlisted in the army and detailed to the various military departments.

  4. I have briefly addressed Sherman before...

    There was NO justification for the union army's presence in the seceded states and no justification for a union soldier so much as kicking a Southern dog. Regardless of how much or how little destruction Sherman and his rapacious men did, regardless of Mark Grimsley's efforts, and the efforts of every other Confederacy-bashing "historian" to santitize Sherman and downplay the destruction wrought upon the South by the union army, it was ALL too much because the union army should not have been down here to begin with.

    Nothing -- not secession, not "preserving the union," not ending slavery, not anything -- justified the union's barbaric war on the South.

    Sherman and Grimsley


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