Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hate Crime at Ol' Miss?

I've learned over the years not to get excited about "hate crimes" until they've been investigated and proved. I know the left expects people to pretzel up with outrage and condemn hate, or whatever. I myself don't view "hate crimes" (especially victimless ones) as worse than any other kind of crime, and I have little patience for the hubbub surrounding unproven ones.

The last time there was a "hate crime" at Ol Miss... there wasn't one. Remember back in  2002? Racial slurs scrawled on the door of a black student? Turned out the perps were three black freshmen.

Too far back for ya? Here are some more recent fake "hate' incidents and "hate" crimes from around the evil, hating US of A. : Top 10 Media Hate-Crime Hoaxes from 2013.

And re: Ol Miss, I can't help but cite Andy Hall here, who claims that if there was no actual damage to a monument (and I've seen no reports that laying a rope and a flag on the Meredith statue damaged it) it's not vandalism.

But we can count on the leftist media to make a big deal out of unproven "hate." It's what they do.


  1. Oh and that top ten list failed to mention the Duke Lacrosse Case.

  2. Well it's from this year. Duke was in 2006 or so.

  3. Until more is learned, I'm suspicious that this "hate crime" had anything to do with Confederate heritage. Why the Georgia flag? Why not a Mississippi flag? If it dies down and we don't hear much more about it, the perps weren't who the left needed them to be....

    1. I suspect that if it were simply the act of some white supremacist moron (or group of them) then it cannot be ruled out that is not part of a setup either.

      Remember when the battle flag fight happened at Ole Miss, the Klan showed up when it looked like the fight would go in our favor and their presence turned the opinion against the "sticks" and the mascot on both occasions.

      It has been documented that the Opposition and the KKK have worked together before, and its been long suspected they work together to undermine Southern heritage groups:

      If this sick stunt is indeed an attempt to drum up support for rehashing the Mississippi State Flag argument, don't be shocked to find TWO different sets of fingerprints on that noose.

  4. Looks like the perps WERE who the left needed them to be...


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