Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh, Is THAT What You Call It?

 "I don’t hate Connie or the Flaggers. I just hate what they stand for."  ~BParks, February 9, 2014

What follows below are comments made by BParks at Simpson's Crossroads flog. They are shot through with hatred, not for what we stand for, but for us. The scorn and derision belched by BParks are the outward manifestations of hate -- for people. Her hate for "what they stand for" compounds her culpability, because she fabricates and lies about that so she will have an excuse for indulging her animosity.

Connie is obviously getting out of hand. I am actually starting to feel sorry for her as it is becoming apparent that she has way too much free time on her hands. Doesn’t she have a bunch of trashy books to write?

Miss Connie posted another rant directed at my criticism of her “writings.” She then went on to challenge me to write an equally sucky novel and then posted a laundry list of what she “does.” You would think with a list that long she would be good at doing at least one of the items. Bottom line is she’s what they refer to in the publishing industry as a hack, novice, amateur, and wannabe.  Not that any of that is particularly damning, but when you add the roles of racist, anti feminist, homophobic, neo-confederate, white supremacist apologist, and mean old lady to the resume, then you have something to be ashamed of.

Not only did Connie reply to my reply by misunderstanding that she’s failed at everything on her list, she then proudly admits to being all of the deplorable things I listed. How sad that even calling her out on her ‘pretend profession’ is not getting through to her. Take the hint Connie. You’re not a good writer. Your photoshop skills are just below the high school level. Your novel’s subject matter is offensive. Your only supporters and commenters on your blog are fellow racist troglodytes. Take down your disgusting flag. Go away. We always win in the end. All you people are doing is giving us more to mock.

 Reading the comments to her comment over there makes it apparent. I volunteer to personally escort this crazy b**** outta here. She’s not “American” in any way.

Easily one of the worst things I’ve ever read. Deplorable thoughts from deplorable people.This post will become a motivator as we work to eradicate Connie, M Lamb and the rest of the VA Flaggers in 2014. Thankfully they will eventually hang themselves by their own rope of hate, but we will keep exposing them at every opportunity and hopefully their internet presence will be all but a bad memory by 2015. My New Years resolution is to do my part to erase them and their ignorant influence of racism and sexism from the World Wide Web.

I simply mean remove their hateful influence via the web.

 Connie’s latest two posts in response to this one highlight that she is really just one thing…a crazy racist b****. I don’t want to see harm come to anyone as she wrongly implies of you, but I would like to see her presence evaporate off the web. An world without the racist contributions of Connie Chastain is a much better world indeed. We are lucky in that most of these heritage folks are older, their kids don’t care, and in 20 years this kind of Lost Cause garbage will be a thing if the past. Angry old white men are becoming more and more irrelevant as the years go by. As that ridiculous turnout at the Lee Jackson Day Festivus proved , time is on our side.

Love it for 2 reasons. 1. It personifies everything America should be. And 2. It upset Connie Chastain and ANYTHING that makes Connie and her racist minions unhappy puts a smile on my face. Well done Coca Cola!

Ha! Yes I know Liberty! It’s not hard to speculate that Connie was that angry and bitter girl who sat in the corner of the girls locker room judging all of us, especially those of us who were not descended from the same peoples. I know her kind and it’s sad to see that kind of immature insecurity and prejudice last into adulthood. She may be in her 50s but she has yet to grow up.

Great post. Connie always reminds me of the insecure white ball players who were afraid of Jackie Robinson because they knew that he was a better player than them. Once that color barrier was broke, it was a whole different ball game (pun intended)!

Fantastic and best of all is that your parody and the gibberish lyrics of that song has more intelligent substance than anything Chastain has ever actually said. Ha!

BParks is not only hate-filled -- I mean, eaten up with hatred for people, not for "what they stand for" but for people; she is also a liar, as she has demonstrated with her earlier comments here at Backsass, and as these comments above also demonstrate.

What these floggers and floggerettes repeatedly reveal is a deep-seated desire to denigrate. I have documented Simpson's denigration of Southern heritage folks numerous times on this blog, proving that it has nothing to do with "heritage, not history" as he claims. I documented his gratuitous disparagement of my novels, which has nothing to do with what he says he is interested (history), but clearly illustrates his love of scorn and derision.

BParks' claim that she doesn't hate me and the VaFlaggers appeared following a post at Crossroads titled, "The Need to Feel Hated," wherein Simpson styled his denigration and disparagement as "criticism of their beliefs, understanding and representation of history, and so on..."  I guess his ridicule of my writing falls under "and so on."

I'm considering whether I want to do an in-depth reply to his denial of hate for "these people" that is itself shot through with derision and contempt, which are the outward manifestation of hate. For now, I will just say there is no "need to feel hated" on my part, and nor on the part of the VaFlaggers and numerous other heritage folk. No, we don't "need" to "feel" hated, but we certainly recognize it when we are hated.


  1. So much of BParks' hatred needs addressing, but for now, I'll confine it to this: "I volunteer to personally escort this crazy b**** outta here. She’s not “American” in any way," she sez.

    I'm the descendant of Europeans who have been in what's known as America for nine generations. I am the descendant of others whose presence in America goes back ten thousand years.

    My forebears have contributed to the existence and continuation of America in numerous ways. I have contributed personally, by being a responsible, law-abiding citizen, by working in people-helping fields, by participating in the political process from simply voting to helping legal immigrants and disabled people who were getting shafted by the feds, and other ways.

    To BParks, all you have to do to be an American is cross a desert and break laws. Obviously, I'm not the one who is a crazy b****.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey you stole my line! I have that copyrighted your know! LOL!

      Well anyhow, I don't worry about "history being on your side" because that's probably about the most foolish thing anyone can claim. History is a very fickle mistress. For all you know in 20 years flying Confederate flags and honoring Confederate ancestry will be more than acceptable to young Southern people and the only people complaining about them will be bitter throwbacks nobody pays attention to anymore. Anything can happen. For all your know, a couple or three elections go the other way in this country, or some sort of social upheaval occurs and you might be well on YOUR way to being the so-called "old angry white person" - I mean you're already bitter, small-minded and hateful but still....

      Just keep in mind that how you treat others will come back on your three times according to the old ways. Take care that you afford others with respect.

  3. LOL! If it was truly yawn-worthy, BParks, you wouldn't have felt it necessary to come here and post. LOL.

    BTW, in case you haven't noticed, I'm still here. In the USA and on the Internet. So, if you're going to "eradicate" me in 2014, exactly when are you planning to do it ... and how?

    We're already a month and a half into the year of my eradication, and I'm still here. My blogs are still here. My websites are still here. And my flags are still flying. Better hop to, BParks. Time flies; it'll slip past you and next thing you know, it's Christmas, and you will have frittered away your whole Year of Connie Eradication ...

  4. Your 15 minutes of fame is up sugar. Carl, your fame will last a little longer as I'm fairly certain you're included on a predator-registration watch list somewhere. Eh Arnold? ;)

    1. One of my fanfics, "Arnold's Couch Confessions" actually won the praise from TWO - count em - TWO of the former writers of the show, as well as the creator of the series himself, not to mentioned is listed among the top ten all-time best HA! Fanfiction stories of all time (this is out of a list of nearly 8,000 something fanfiction stories).

      So apparently quite a few people think I happen to be an awesome writer - I have the autographed letter from said writers for the show, which needless to say is framed and on my wall. I especially love the line where they told ME that if there had been a 6th season I knew the stories enough to have become a story writer for the show.

      All in all gorgeous, I think my fame can only go up from here once I actually finish my sci-fi novels. Wait till you see the alternate fiction I'm doing about the War, its a hoot.

      Oh and by the by, you never did answer me from before so I'll ask again: How is Mr. Confoy these days? I presume you and he still correspond through your mutual friends?

    2. So what you are saying is that the creepy writers that made a creepy and cancelled kid's cartoon think youre a great writer. Wow congrats. Your accomplishment is a monument to creepy mediocrity. Your mom must be proud to have you living in her basement.

    3. Actually, no, that's not what he's saying. That's what YOU are saying from your hate and jealousy.

      I don't agree that Carl's accomplishment is a monument to creeping mediocrity, but if it were, he would still be many rungs above YOU on the accomplishment ladder. Those who can, do, sweetie. Those who can't, bitch and moan and gripe about those who do.

    4. Well in that case when are either of to u actually going to do something? All I see and hear about is a lot of nothing. I've accomplished a lot more but I don't have to pretend it's more than it actually is in order to try and impress people. This is wannabe central over here.

    5. Already done it, schweet-hot, and continue to do it.

      You're like a preschooler who thinks if he doesn't know about it, it hasn't happened; it doesn't exist. You're like Simpson, who thinks if it hasn't been said in a comment thread on his blog, it hasn't been said.

      Your animosity makes you people extremely short-sighted.

    6. What I said was that two of the top writers, as well as the creator of the show himself, saw a story that the fanbase considers one of the best things written for the series fanfiction and were impressed. Bear in mind these are also people who are credited with many award winning triumphs in television and animation production. I simply take pride that something I wrote was listed as "on par" with professionals who make a living at writing.

      Further, some of those same stories got me a letter from a young woman who told me I inspired her to write professionally. To me that is more important, and something I take great personal pride in. Inspiring others.

      Those are things I certainly do not consider "mediocrity" Miss Parks, even is it does not conform to your personal standard of success.

      As for "creepy" I would challenge that the series was hardly anything of the sort. For the late 90s it was one of the best deep-themed cartoon series on television:

    7. Do you even read back what your posting? Creepy as hell coming from a grown Man.

    8. There's nothing creepy in that comment. What's creepy is your love of lying, your desire to denigrate and your hankering to hate.

    9. Its the best sort of response a poorly educated creature like her can muster Connie. At least she capitalized "Man" yes I rather liked that part. :)

  5. Fame, schmame. So totally unsurprising that you focus on what doesn't matter.

    Oh, and there is no such thing as a "predator-registration watch list." There are lists of registered sexual offenders, but you have to have been convicted of a sex crime to be put on them -- you know, like your ex-floggerette buddies Confoy and O'Hara. I know it is a bitter pill for you to swallow, but writing fan fiction is not a crime.

    And you've just proved again that this -- "I don’t hate Connie or the Flaggers. I just hate what they stand for," -- is a lie. Do you never get tired of lying? Do you never make yourself sick at your own stomach? Do you never dread facing yourself in the mirror, or have trouble sleeping at night? What silly questions. Of course you don't. Your animosity justifies your lies.

    1. Ummmm...did I miss something? Convicted sex offenders???

    2. Thanks Connie. You are indeed right, writing fan fiction isn't a crime.

      Actually writing fan fiction is quite popular these days, though mostly nowadays its young people and women in their 30s and 40s...or even older gals BParks age...writing stories about Twilight, 50 Shades of Gray and guys writing Walking Dead stuff. Egh!
      None of those are my taste, I prefer humorous plots, or stuff that appeals to young adults.

      Much of young adult fiction novels these days is pretty graphic, far too graphic for my tastes. I prefer emotions rather than describing in detail any sexual acts. Best to stick with innuendo. Less is more.
      Actually given the fact that most 90s Nicktoon and Cartoon Network fans are in their early 30s or so today, I could do more - some certainly don't shy away from it - but its a personal issue on my part not to give play-by-play accounts of romantic situations that go beyond the PG-13 rating. That applied to my old fan fiction stuff and applies to the short stories and novels I am working on at present.

      Fan fiction writing is a strange little world, and a very tight one too. Many fan fiction writers are quite well known in their own little genres and groups.
      I'm actually considered something of a legend among the golden age of "Hey Arnold!" fan fiction writers (stories written while the show and movie were still going strong twelve years ago).
      I'm very proud of that work and what it did for my life at the time - I was in a dark place, let's just say that. Lost my dad to cancer and the military - which I considered for my only career choice at the time - didn't pan out for me.

      I will always be grateful to the fans and writers of the series who read and reviewed my stuff and thought it was good. Some of them still review even though I haven't written a fanfic in like 8 years, though I have updated and revised a few in the last 5 to fix spelling and punctuation mistakes as I improved my professional writing skills.

      Its largely thanks to the encouragement of those same HA! fans that I've taken the mantle of aspiring fiction writer and began working on short stories for young adults and the sci-fi community. I find that I enjoy writing creatively for people and if I can make a marginal career out of it (actually manage to get a full length novel or novella published) I will consider that a success.

  6. (((((Double Yawn))))))

  7. And America doesn't really impress me when it is seen through you and your ancestors eyes...y'all did a crappy job and that's why we're changing it. And winning. :)

    1. So you think, yet for all of that bluster why bother with any of us if we are so irrelevant or outdated?
      I mean, surely someone as "far-thinking" as yourself has better things to do than troll the internet, eh?
      Or is that how your daughters stay in contact with your pal Confoy....wait and I mean how you sent him their pictures to get your...oh dag-nabbit, I mean...

      Well anyhow, there's still a good bit of history left in this country and its still being written. Just because you choose to side with the "popular clique" don't presume that you're going to be on top in 10 years let alone 40 or 50. You're grandchildren may well scorn you the way you scorn your own grandparents.

    2. Austin dude you have to go back a few months.
      Two of Simpleton's fans were exposed in news accounts for being arrested for passing off child pornography. It was a huge blow that the good professor is still trying to save face least until some of his students held that racist party on his campus. Tisk tisk.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Wow. That's effin amazing. Some seriously twisted and sick puppies in that over there.

  8. Winning? Ha ha ha, winning the race to third-world hell-hole status for the US of A...

    1. That is basically their goal Connie.
      Leftist ideology is not about raising anyone else up - unless you're some rich elitist or one of their loyal Establishment puppets - its about tearing other people down and bringing them to the level of those who are too lazy to try and better themselves.


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