Sunday, February 2, 2014

Interesting Questions

I wonder if our Diversity King would have any thoughts and/or opinions about them.
Is Making Fun of Rednecks and Hillbillies Racist?

America’s favorite joke is anything but funny
 I have my own thoughts about such things and -- as a reminder to Simpson, who is always in Bash-the-VaFlaggers mode (for things that have nothing to do with them) -- this is my post, on my blog, with my comments. Has nothing to do with the VaFlaggers. Has to do with liberal/leftists/flogger hypocrisy.

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  1. On Andy Hal's blog, he mentioned a talk he recently gave to the "American Steamship Historical Society". I would love to a group shot of that meeting. Can you imagine all the bright shiny white faces at that meeting? No doubt Mr. Young would make a sneering nasty remark about that photo, right?


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