Sunday, February 2, 2014

They Keep Pushing and Pushing and Pushing

Yes, I'm a Southerner first. Yes, I'm a secessionist. But I grew up American, and I retain enough loyalty to my culture, American culture  -- not to the government, not to the leftist agenda, but to American culture -- that I found this offensive almost to the point of abominable...

Alas, I can't start boycotting this scalawag company because I've been boycotting it since it came out in favor of abolishing the real Georgia flag and replacing it with a PC one. But if others wish to join me, I'd urge them to acquaint themselves with all of the company's brands:


  1. It's a foul, filthy, and grotesque advertisement. Utterly dishonest and drenched in leftist propaganda. A boycott will have no impact, but sign me up anyway. Pepsi from now on.

  2. This is part of a bigger assault on US culture based on a belief that it is deficient, at best, and evil at worst, and needs an infusion of other cultures to make it acceptable.

    I know a boycott has no impact, but when possible, I refuse to fund the destruction of my culture.

    I don't drink much cola, but when I do, I choose generic or house brands, like Winn Dixie's Chek Cola. Pepsi, remember, removed "under God" from the pledge printed on their cans. Again, I'm not crazy about the pledge, but the fact remains, leaving off "under God" is part of the attempt to undermine our culture and its traditions, and a direct assault on religious expression.

    These are just two examples of the willingness of this country's multinational corporations to sell us out for money.

  3. A hilariously funny and very predictable side-show is going on over at the lily white blog Crossroads. All the bright shiny white faces are orgiastically cooing and gushing over the multi-cultural ad. And not a single
    one of those lily white guys has written a single sentence in a language other than English. Those miserable, pathetic, frauds.

  4. Austin, you aren't supposed to NOTICE their blatant hypocrisy. Their criticism of others is SUPPOSED to divert people's attention from the fact that THEY are a whole lot like the people they criticize. Maybe worse, because they have the added negative trait of hypocrisy.

    See, from their point of view, if you point at somebody and scream, "RACIST! WHITE SUPREMACIST!" maybe people won't know that you live a racist, white supremacist lifestyle; if you don't voice what you believe that enables such a lifestyle, but instead voice pretended beliefs in "multiculturalism" and "diversity" that you don't live, maybe nobody will realize the paucity of your integrity and just how noxious your gargantuan hypocrisy really is.

  5. Exceptionally well said. Between Mackey, Hall, Simpson, and Epperson, it's entirely likely that none of them has encountered more than a few token blacks in thirty years, either professionally or socially. Again, the miserable frauds.

  6. YOU are the reason why a shrinking portion of White American culture DESERVES to be vilified. You represent the antithesis of American Ideology which is freedom for ALL to include all ethnicities, religions, sexual preferences, etc. You continually present a slanted agenda that is in direct contrast to the U.S. Constitution and you blindly rage against the very liberties it proposes. You're not hypocrites, you're fools with no understanding of American history or heritage. Your ancestors fought for one of the most misguided causes in human history yet you continue to blindly idolize them.

    American culture IS multicultural but you wouldn’t understand that as your perspective has been poisoned with Lost Cause rhetoric.

    AND you in particular Connie, sink even lower with your anti-feminism BS. You support rapists, and sexists, and white supremacists and then point the finger at others for being ignorant. You are the fool’s fool of the Internet and provide us with an endless array of material from which to mock and refute. Backsass is not a blog, it’s a tragic comedy. Thankfully YOU and your peers are a dwindling, irrelevant minority and the vast majority of the country is passing you by. How does it feel to be the minority of a soon-to-be minority?

    Your interpretation of the Civil War is so screwed up you are literally refighting it today. Do you know how insane that appears? Wake up! You lost then and you continue to lose now. Nobody gives a damn about your ancestors or your flag or your neo-con agenda. Even the MOC and SCV are abandoning your community and distancing themselves. You’ve evolved into a crazy fringe group. (The Taliban of the Civil War scene.)

    Thankfully we are progressing despite your efforts and in 10 years there will be no trace of this “skewed” version of Confederate history. In fact, this racist BS masked a heritage preservation will be a thing of the past, No one will give a crap about the Civil War from a Lost Cause perspective in 20 years as it will be a distant memory. School’s don’t propagate your kind of crap. They teach historical facts.

    Either way, none of this really matters as today’s generation does not give a damn about the Civil War and those few that do will see right through your lies. You’re evaporating folks. You and your flagger pals have changed NOTHING. You influence NOTHING. You merely pat each other on the back while the rest of society doesn’t care about your mission or your message. This entire movement is an exercise in futility. You’re like a tree that falls in the forest - no one that matters is there to hear you. The good news at least is that you fall.

    1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

      Wowie zowie! What a rant there Miss Parks.
      Tell me, do you truly believe everything you just said, or are you just so jaded that you feel the need to rant and rave at a group of people you appear to only understand through dubious second hand sources?

      I mean, have you ever personally attended a Confederate Memorial Day event? Ever made a real effort to talk to someone there one-on-one in a reasonable manner?

      I'm guessing no.

      People like you tend to stereotype and then throw accusations in an effort to make up for some shortcomings in your upbringing. Or perhaps your self-esteem is just so low you have to bully other people verbally in an effort to feel better about yourself. Trust me, that does not work well.

      You're skewed ideas of what constitutes "progress" aside, you should stop the grade school name-calling and self victimization long enough to ask yourself: If what you say is true, if our side's perspectives are so passe, then why pray tell are your blogger friends so personally obsessed over discrediting us...and constantly failing at it I might add?

      I suspect that by the time the Bicentennial of the war comes around both sides will be accorded respect again, and the Southern soldier and his symbols will still be very much a part of the South's cultural heritage. Further, I suspect that hatred of those symbols and their misuse will be relegated to the kook fringe of society as they should be.

      In the end I don't really think that you give two cents about proper Civil War memory, or history in general. This seems to be a bit more personal with you. Could it be that once day not too long ago your little daughter got online, got excited, showed you a photo of Connie or Susan Hathaway and said, "Momma, I wanna be as brave and dedicated and lovely as those ladies!"

      I also hope that when that day comes your granddaughter brings over the boyfriend to visit, he's a six-foot tall, brown-haired, green-eyed Southern boy with a Dixie Outfitter t-shirt. Hopefully by then you will have either matured and grown to accept that diversity and true tolerance are a two-way street, or you may have to endure the knowledge of your grandchildren's embarrassment in knowing you, ma'am.

      Your pal,
      C.W. Roden (esq)

      Oh and PS, how's Mr. Confoy these days? I mean given your love for Pedobears I'm certain you two still share correspondence....or something.

  7. lol. Another raging post from an ignorant, unwashed, vulgar, violent, wild-eyed, foaming-at-the-mouth, half-crazed limousine-liberal maggot. Too funny. Meanwhile,over at Crossroads, where they all just LOVED, LOVED, the multi-cultural ad, they are at approximately forty posts from whites, and whites only, with everything in English (except a humorous exchange in, Swedish, I think). No diversity at all, none. Miserable frauds.

  8. Goodness gracious! If we have influenced NOTHING and changed NOTHING, what on earth has got his/her briefs/panties in such a (tightly bound, obviously disrupting circulation) bunch...? I cannot imagine waking up every day with that much hate in my heart. Bless his/her heart...

    1. Who wastes their time huffing and puffing and worrying about and crusading against something they believe has no influence, makes no difference, causes no changes? Yet some people do. Their motives, and motivation, would likely be a fascinating study, for someone who had the time to do it. Alas, I do not. I'm busy.

  9. BParks-
    "Thankfully we are progressing despite your efforts and in 10 years there will be no trace of this “skewed” version of Confederate history."

    Wow, BParks, you do realize that it's been 150 years since the War for Southern Independence...and we're still arguing about it?...on computers?

    The left wing hackademics took over the colleges 40-50 years ago...
    ...and their 40-50 years of indoctrination has had little effect.

    1. That study has to cause flogger teeth to grind... It refutes many of the claims you hear, like "Most Americans find the Confederate flag offensive." That study indicates most have no opinion about it one way or another. None of the people I've encountered who make the claim that "most Americans" find the flag offensive have offered a scintilla of substantiation for either the "most" or the "offensive."

    2. Yes, according to floggers and other left-wing academics (and the media), ALL blacks -ALL- are offended by the Confederate flag. That's 100%.

      But what does the poll say?

      10% have a positive reaction (btw that's more than whites) and 48% don't know/don't care. Of course, the floggers wouldn't be aware of this since they live in a lily-white world and have little or no contact with black people.

    3. Furthermore, defenders of Southern heritage are not all white Southerners, or even Americans for that matter.

      More and more black youths and other non-whites are rejecting the Flogger/corrupt civil rights groups/white supremacist POV of that flag.

  10. You're right you can go to the MOC, no wait...or maybe visit NB Forrest High School, oops, ok how about flying your flag at a NASCAR race, wait no, ok what about Lexington, oh wait...etc. etc. etc. you keep losing this fight again and We said your hate, I mean heritage is evaporating.

    1. You're a teacher, Corey, and you don't understand the psychological results of a repression campaign? It just makes what you're trying to stamp out stronger. But do continue to be lulled by these seeming victories. We know things you don't.

  11. I'm afraid Hey Arny that I don't have any desire to be as unattractive as Connie and Susan are on the inside AND outside.

    1. There are photos online of me and of Susan, but none of you that we know of, so we can't take seriously your implied claim that you're more attractive than we are.

    2. It never fails. Present these folks with facts and intelligent discourse, and stand up to their bullying, false accusations and implications of "racism" where it does not exist, and they will almost always resort to grade school name calling. If it were not so pathetic, it might even be enjoyable to watch them unravel before our very eyes.

    3. Bravo Connie!
      B Parks is an amusing little creature isn't she? A faceless internet sock puppet who can't even bother to respond with anything more worthwhile that implied threats and propaganda that she cannot back up.
      Bet her children are proud to say their daddy's girlfriend is a bitter internet troll who obsesses and fantasizes about women who's character she can't even come close to matching.

    4. Oh yeah love my new avatar?
      Not exactly my own lady-killer good looks, but I thought, in the spirit of the up-coming Valentine's season, that I would use one of my top 20 all-time fav animated characters. Tee hee. It was either Arnold or Invader Zim and let's face it, Arnold has a better (classic!) Valentine's Day episode.

      I wonder if B Parks like Hey Arnold too? I mean in some regards the plot of the series suits her since one of the main storylines - and running gags - is the fact the girl who loves him happens to be his own personal stalker....sorta appropriate, wouldn't ya say Connie?

    5. Susan, she has given a quite comprehensive description of me and my beliefs that she holds -- based on nothing factual and verifiable whatever. I asked her to provide evidence of just two of her claims based on anything I have written, and she couldn't.

      What she's done, probably, is to take something I've said, put HER spin on it, and then enlarged and magnified it until it fills her field of vision, and at that level of magnification, it bears virtually no resemblance to anything factual.

      "You continually present a slanted agenda that is in direct contrast to the U.S. Constitution and you blindly rage against the very liberties it proposes."

      She could give not one example of my rage against Constitutional liberties, even when I posted a list of those liberties (and rights) copy/pasted straight from that document. Confronted with facts, she can't defend her mistaken (or mendacious) claims, so what does she do? She re-states them! They're just as untrue, and unproven, the second time.

      This is exactly the methodology she and others use on the Virginia Flaggers. Flogger claims (lies) about the VaFlaggers have no basis in fact. These people have been indoctrinated with a leftist view of the Confederacy, so they are highly prejudiced against Confederate heritage, especially the battle flags. Because the VaFlaggers honor the flag, they have concocted an elaborate construct of the VaFlaggers, and they criticize, lie about, harass, denigrate and persecute the VaFlaggers based not on what you all are/do/believe, but based on the phantasmagorical construct in their heads.

  12. Connnie is a perfectly attractive woman, no doubt, and by no means do I wish to minimize that, but Holy Smokes, Susan Hathaway, by any definition anywhere, is a stunningly beautiful woman. You're a flippin moron.

    PS- I am trying to find a copy of Brooks Simpson's book on Grant in Farsi and Mandarin Chinese, but I can't seem to. Can anyone help? Also, I am trying to find the links to Simpson's, Mackey's and Hall's Farsi and Chinese language blogs, but cant do that either. All I see are their white shiny faces on their English only blogs. Can anyone help me?


  13. A few developments over at the English-dominant, lily-white blog site Crossroads which are worth mentioning:

    1. Mr. Patrick Young (a white male) recently entered the coke debate and was positively indignant that English should be the preferred language in America. He was so irate, in fact, that me made three posts in rapid succession, and even treated the reading audience to an all-caps outburst, with an exclamation point for emphasis. He did all this in English, of course.

    2. A colleague of mine had been posting in several different languages to make the obvious point. Simpson (a white male) and Mackey (a white male), evidently not wanting to be exposed as the utter and complete phonies that they are, occasionally followed, replying in the same foreign language. But then it got confusing, and no one understood the Arabic, Swedish, Croatian, or Chinese languages being used, so Simpson has disallowed posts in foreign languages. All the while, he is insisting what a wonderful thing diversity of language is.

    3. In an effort to curry favor with his left-wing ideologues, Andy Hall (white male) has taken a dirty cheap shot at his mother-in-law. Judging from Andy's on-line photo, I would put him in his late forties, meaning that his mother-in-law is likely in her late 70''s. Now here's the thing; One of Simpson's posters, Betty Giragosian (white female), was "shocked", shocked I tell you, at the criticisms of the commercial that were made here. Evidently, however, she was not at all "shocked" that a 48 year old man would publicly attack, mock, and ridicule his 78 year-old mother-in-law to earn a cheap guffaw from his brain-dead cohorts.

    These people are despicable.

    1. Mr. Austin, you wrote:

      "Mr. Patrick Young (a white male) recently entered the coke debate and was positively indignant that English should be the preferred language in America. He was so irate, in fact, that me made three posts in rapid succession, and even treated the reading audience to an all-caps outburst, with an exclamation point for emphasis. He did all this in English, of course."

      Not sure what you have against white males Mr. Austin, but yes I am both male and white. I congratulate you on being able to look at my picture and determine both my skin color and my gender. Admirable intellectual achievement on your part.

      I am not sure where you found any attack by me on the English language. In fact, as you are probably aware, I led a coalition of groups that increased English language instruction for young immigrants by 20 percent in New York State and I was given an award for my work on behalf of English instruction by the local conference of teachers of English for speakers of other languages.

      What have you done to help new immigrants learn English?

    2. Mr. Young,
      I note you still write in English, and in English only. Why? If America is truly better served by the commonplace use of multiple languages, lead the way sir, lead the way! And why, for Heaven sake, do you think I have some degree of animus toward white males. I simply made a factual comment by identifying you (and almost everyone else at Crossroads) as a white male. Where, exactly, do you see any evidence that I have something "against" white males. Lastly, I have absolutely no interest in whether or not you teach English to illegal aliens. Absolutely none whatsoever.

      PS- I do, however, congratulate you on your impressive ability to notice that I noticed that you are a white male. Well done Sir, well done.

      PPS-The next time you are on an international flight, please be aware that your Pilot will use English to get you safely to your destination. It is the international language of aviation.

  14. Ms. Chastain, the use of languages other than English by immigrants is an important aspect of America's cultural history. There were many immigrant regiments in the Union army and some in the Confederate, that employed languages other than English on a daily basis. Weren't these immigrant Americans as much a part of our heritage as the native-born English speaker.

  15. Mr. Young, do you know of anyone trying to exclude them from our heritage?

    However, demographically speaking, we aren't living in the USA of the 1860s or even the 1960s. The demographic USA we are living in is the result of Ted Kennedy's 1965 "Immigration and Nationality Act" which drastically changed the immigration laws -- and the demographics of the country.

    The leftist temper tantrum of the 1960s, particularly among the youth, produced the people who are in charge today, particularly in education, government and the media. The point of their multiculturalist agenda, whether you know it or not -- and maybe you do, and maybe you approve of it -- is the "change" or "replacement" of western culture with something else. That means its destruction. Most of the time, replacing the old with the new involves destruction of the old.

    I reject the idea that there was something wrong, bad, deficient about the culture of this country prior to the rise of the leftist multicult agenda and it needs this infusion of other cultures to make it acceptable.

    In the mid-19th Century, there was no leftist agenda to tear down what was still a young and growing nation with a young culture and replace it with a leftist political and cultural agenda. (And, no, the secession of the Southern states was not an attempt to tear down the nation; there was nothing about their departure that would have prevented the states remaining in the union from staying just as united as heck, if that was what they wanted, to continue Manifest Destiny, to swarm west, to continue raking in the money, which was their primary focus. It took nine states ratifying the Constitution to set the government in motion and create the union; without the South, there would have been 22 remaining in the union, more than twice the nine required to create it.) There were some whiffs of leftism/socialism back then, but nothing to compare with today, and the destructive effects of the 1965 immigration act and its results. People from elsewhere were welcomed because destroying the new country was the reason for bringing them here..

    My kinsman, Elijah Webb Chastain, a member of the House of Representatives, prepared a speech for the House floor in February 1855. The Congressional Globe indicates there was no time for him to present it, so he requested that it be included in the record. It was also printed; I ordered a copy of the print and reproduced it here: Speech by EW Chastain

    At one point, discussing the issue of the annexation of Cuba, Rep. Chastain says,

    "When these provinces present themselves at the doors of Congress, asking for admission into our Confederacy of States, clothed with the attributes of sovereignty, and capable of treating on subjects of such grave importance, should I occupy a seat in this House, I shall act, I trust, as becomes and American legislator, and as a member of the great democratic party of this nation. I shall be ready to extend the hand of friendship to every man who has passed through the fiery ordeal of oppression, and may desire to worship at the same alter of liberty with myself. I care not under what sun he may have been born -- I shall ask not what tongue he speaks -- if his heart throbs for liberty, and he is worthy to enjoy it, I can greet him as a friend and receive him as a brother."

    I suspect he would not have been so magnanimous if there was an agenda pushed by special interest groups and some of the richest corporations to create division (and call it "diversity" and "multiculturalism") with the purpose of destroying his nation and culture.

    At the very least, when immigrants come here and refuse to learn the language, and can't even read road signs and directions, they can be dangerous to themselves and others.

    Lemme ax you something. Do you differentiate between legal immigration and illegal immigration?

  16. Correction: People from elsewhere were welcomed because destroying the new country was NOT the reason for bringing them here..

  17. Ms. Chastain, the brief music video that you find "abominable" celebrates diversity, but some have always feared that diversity destroys. The Know Nothings of the 1850s saw a secret plot by the Democrats and the Vatican lying behind 19th Century immigration. They were threatened by the linguistic and political differences it implied. Unfortunately, as the explosion of deeply ignorant commentary by those attacking the Coke ad demonstrates, the Know Nothing spirit is alive in too many hearts today.

    You may want to read the following article to see how Know Nothings perceived immigrants in the Civil War era and compare it to your own rhetoric.

    1. If you don't mind, identify for me a diverse/multicultural country or culture you admire and want the US to emulate.

      And if I may ask again, do you differentiate between legal immigration and illegal immigration?

  18. Ms. Chastain, thank you for your interest in my opinion on those two questions.

    First question: I think that the US is the leader that other countries try to learn from.

    Second question: Yes.

    1. So you can't give me an example of a diverse/multicultural country or culture you admire, except the USA? If it hasn't been successfully done anywhere else, why is it assumed it could be done here? How do we even know it is desirable, if we can't find an example of it anywhere on the planet? I mean, if diversity is so wonderful and such a strength, why aren't there happily diverse cultures everywhere around the globe?

    2. Ms. Chastain, you did not ask if there were other diverse cultures that I admire, you asked if there were diverse cultures I admire "and want the US to emulate".

      Since I think that the US has become the most successful at creating diverse culture, there really are no other countries I want to emulate. They are trying to emulate us to prevent stagnation.

      But if you would like me to answer the first part of that question, I'll give it a shot.

      There are a number of countries and cities that are creating diverse cultural space, but to pick one, I would say Canada.

      Have at it.

    3. Could you describe Canada's diversity? Is it racial? Ethnic? Language? Food? Something else? It seems that when proponents of diversity are talking about it, they mean race/ethnicity. But when critics of it talk about it, proponents get all huffy and say, "There's more to diversity than race and ethnicity, you racist!"

      So in what way(s) is Canada diverse and multicultural?

    4. Sure. Canada is roughly 1/10th the population of the US, yet it allows in about 1/4 the number of immigrants as the US. The immigrant stream is extremely diverse as demonstrated by this list of the top ten contemporary countries of origin for new immigrants:

      1 China
      2 Philippines
      3 India
      4 Pakistan
      5 United States
      6 France
      7 Iran
      8 United Kingdom and Colonies
      9 Haiti
      10 South Korea

      Go to Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal to see a modern multi-cultural society at work.

    5. And Connie, if you wish to see a splendid example of a homogeneous modern civil society, take a look at Sweden or Iceland. Advanced, hi-tech, peaceful, prosperous societies with literacy rates approaching 100%, and life-expectantcies of approximately 82 years. Gee however does Sweden manage these things without a "diversity is our strength multi-cultural society"? Just who the flip do the limousine-liberals think they are kidding?

  19. Anyone that would risk death in order to traverse a desert and cross the border intoy country to be American, when I had to do nothing other than be born here, is someone I am proud to share my country and citizenship with.

  20. That's it? Your sole criteria for what would make a good American is crossing a desert and illegally entering the country?

    What if they are a murderer? Or, worse, a RAPIST? What if they are coming here to victimize people, or defraud them? Suppose they come here to run guns, or drugs?

    You are proud to "share your country and citizenship" with such as this, as long as they traversed a desert and (illegally) crossed the border?

  21. I'm saying not all illegal immigrants as you call them are bad people and if they are willing to risk their lives for a better life for them and their families then they deserve our respect. America offers opportunities for everyone to improve their status. It's one of the few endearing qualities left in our system. So I don't find a distinction.

    1. I don't think it's too much to expect people who come here to obey our immigration laws. If they don't, they are here in violation of them. That makes them lawbreakers and their presence here illegal. If they have such a disregard, such disrespect, for our immigration laws, I have to wonder how much respect they have for all our laws, or whether they are as comfortable breaking other laws as they are breaking immigration laws.

  22. It seems that all the cooing and gushing over at the lily-white blog "Crossroads" regarding the multi-cultural, multi-lingual, Coca-cola Super Bowl commercial seems to be coming to an end. Just a few of the highlights:

    1. In general, Brooks Simpson (white male), Al Mackey (white male), Bob Huddleston (white male), James Epperson (white male), Andy Hall (white male), Charles Lovejoy (white male), Patrick Young (white male), Jimmy Dick (white male), Rob Baker (white male), as well as Schoeder (white female), Bparks (white female), and Betty Giragosian (white female), all just LOVED the ad and its message of mutli-culturalism. In fact, they all indignantly and superciliously scorned the idea that someone would insist, or even prefer, English as America's national language. And all the outrage and scorn expressed by this coterie of lily-white limousine-liberals was, of course, expressed in English.

    2.James Epperson (white male), and Charles Lovejoy (white male), both said they agreed "100%" with Al Mackey (white male) when he was the first to express support for the muti-lingual commercial. And both white males expressed that support, once again, 100% in English

    3. Special kudos to Rob Baker (white male) who turned this sad and silly freak show into a riotously funny comedic farce. Baker, by his own admission, and evidently through quite a bit of manipulating, groveling, and cajoling, finally persuaded a Hispanic acquaintance of his to join the discussion. So, after three and a half years and over 20,000 posts, "Crossroads" had its first non-white poster! A genuine Spanish-speaking Latina! And she was going to write in support of a multi-lingual America! Then she posted in English.

    4. Bib Huddleston (white male), contemptuously mocked the "English only" crowd. He did so in English, and only English.

    5. Andy Hall (white male) shockingly, deliberately, and quite publicly, mocked, ridiculed and humiliated his defenseless, octogenarian mother-in-law. Quite a guy, that Andy. Andy's Civil war Blog is, incidentally, written in English, and only English.

    6. Since the Simpson (white male) post, Al Mackey (white male) has, on his own Civil war blog (Student of the Civil War), posted several additional threads. All the scholars and presenters on "Student of the Civil War" are white, and all the materials presented in English.

    7. Since the Coca-cola post, Simpson (white male) has also posted several new threads. All are in English.

    8. Someone put a tent over that circus and these flippin' clowns.


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