Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bear With Me, Folks

I haven't had much time to backsass lately.  Between some time-consuming author services jobs and getting my own WIP ready to publish later this month, plus a bunch of off-line activities, I've been busy lately. But I have ton of stuff I want to backsass and belly-ache about, and I can hardly wait!

Meanwhile, leave comments, try the new chat function, listen to a little bit of Boomer music -- which I, an old white Southern Boomer broad, personally dedicate to Millennial whiny-butt Jarret Ruminski:


  1. For the record, I never much cared for The Who -- still don't -- although I liked a few of their tunes, especially Won't Get Fooled Again. But this particular tune, My Generation, is so appropos for Ruminski, who's bellyaching on his blog about white Boomers messing everything up for his generation. I suppose Roger Daltry's line, "I hope I die before I get old" appeals to him, though of course, only Keith Moon did that...died at 32 in 1978 ...Daltry is 70 now and Pete Townshend is 69. They got old, like millions of other boomers, and that just chaps Ruminski's whiny butt to no end. That makes suffering through one of The Who's mediocre hits worth it...

  2. Rummi is like Tommy-- deaf dumb and even though he can see, is blind. No insult meant to Tommy.

  3. P-P-P-People try to put us down---
    ( Talkin bout our Confederate Nation )
    Just because we stand our ground.


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