Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What He Sez and What He Really Means

In a comment thread over at XRoads....

... Simpson sez: I believe it is clear that over the past several months Ms. Chastain has become more shrill in her ranting because she is increasingly desperate.
What he really means: Over the past several months, Ms. Chastain  has increasingly and unmistakably pointed out my questionable integrity, my desire to denigrate, my lust to harass, my resentment of the Virginia Flaggers' success, and my jealousy of and loathing for Susan Hathaway.
Simpson sez: In the process she has marginalized herself and has become a target of ridicule.
What he really means:  I, Brooks Simpson, as someone with the lust to denigrate, obsession hurt and injure, harrass and persecute with words as weapons, have done my best to marginalize her and make her the target of ridicule, but it only works with people who share these dishonorable traits with me.
Simpson sez:  It is now too easy to make fun of her: responsible people do not take her seriously. Certainly I don’t.
What he really means: It irritates me to no end how she has me pegged, and shows me such disrespect, even though that's what I deserve. I much prefer the mindless-lemming acceptance of my floggerette peanut gallery. Everyone, please take note that of my claim that I'm a responsible person, even though my words and behavior negate the claim.
Simpson sez: The post in question illustrates her angry frustration.**
What he really means:  The post in question is a parody with, however, a lot of truthfulness, made as a counterpoint to my vicious attack on Susan Hathaway wherein I put forth the blatant and egregious (and oft made) insinuations and false accusations of racism and violence.
Simpson sez: That is understandable, because people openly mock her. She’s quite bitter about that.
What he really means. Me and my kind openly mock Chastain, but as she has no respect for us and our lies, she's not fazed by it, and I'm quite bitter about that. She takes all the fun out of denigration, ridicule, harassment and persecution.
Simpson sez: There is a fine line between using her as an example and calling unmerited attention to her … attention which I assure you is not unwanted by her. If she wasn’t so ridiculous, she’d be ignored, but she never fails to astonish and amuse.
What he really means: I'm doing my best to denigrate her, injure her (including posting fraudulent reviews of her books at Amazon), harrass and persecute her with words, but I can't do it too much or my myrmidons might see who the real bad guy is here, and it ain't Chastain.
Simpson sez: She’s like Jerry Dunford.
What he really means: She's not really like Dunford, but I'm lumping them together so those of my readers who lack discernment will think them the same.
**The post in question: Don't Know Much About (teachin') History.


  1. Simpson loves to bundle people together.
    Then distances himself from the Pedophiles, and Neo-Nazis that make up his support group.

    1. Leftist internet fascists are very good at double standards.

  2. Indeed. When he needs to, he will see only what makes things, people, groups alike, and not what makes them different; or he will focus on what makes them different, and ignore what makes them alike. This is for effect. The correct and logical thing to do is look at the whole, but that would defeat his purpose....

  3. lol, you have him on the ropes, pounding him into submission, and he claims *you are the one who is desperate? haha, maybe he's giving up, and the only way for him to "save face" is to pretend he is doing this, because he is "above you". You may soon win, Connie. Maybe this is him giving up on harassing you, the Virginia Flaggers, and other heritage groups.

    1. Unfortunately, I don't think he will ever give up on it. He's a leftist ideologue, and he's devoted to that misbegotten ideology. He also has a character flaw that causes him to enjoy denigrating people for no other reason than that they view history differently than he does.

  4. You know whenever I read one of Simpleton's rants, I always imagine some whinny, effeminate, nasal-like new castrati voice saying these silly things and it keeps me from taking his BS very seriously.

  5. Professor Simpson has shown himself to be a real oddball. I no longer take his Civil war scholarship seriously.

    1. I did once upon a time, until I got to know the real person behind the scholarship and his contempt for individuals who disagree with his points.

    2. I have proven Shrimpson or his buddies wrong on so many occasions it is not funny. This has happened so much, each and everyone of them has banned me from their blogs. Not a problem for me I set up my own and post historical fact not opinions. They don't comment, I just banned Rob baker for posting lack of facts, but I know they read.

      If you would like some true honest history, without the biased opinions, lies and the agenda spin give me a try ---

      Cold Southern Steel--

      Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education (SHAPE) --

      Note SHAPE has 3 websites

      George Purvis


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