Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Visual Aid for Andy...

... on Real Protest Boorishness

Over on Simpson toxic XRoads flog, Andy Hall sez the Virginia Flaggers are boorish. For you folks in Rio Linda, that means unmannered, crude, insensitive. Of course, he offers no proof of this -- he doesn't even identify the unmannerly, crude or insensitive behavior.

Apparently he's hanging that description -- or is it an accusation? -- on one thing, and one thing only  -- the VaFlaggers encouraging motorists to honk in support of the flag.


I had to check on this because I didn't know, as I am not in Richmond -- I'm several states and several hundred miles away (but then, Andy's even further away).  So I messaged Susan Hathaway (something I'm fairly reluctant to do, as I know there are great demands on her time). And she confirmed that the VaFlaggers do indeed encourage passing motorists to honk in support of the flag.

After all, this IS protesting, and the idea is to DISTURB the status quo. But she confirmed that there have been no complaints about it from nearby residents. (Thanks for the info, Susan.)
There could be more than one reason for this. Perhaps some folks in the neighborhood approve of what they're doing. But most likely, it's because the horn-honking isn't really as disturbing as Andy wants to believe -- and wants us to believe.  People don't just lay down on their horns from one end of the block to the other. It's not like ecstatic multitudes of motorists after their team wins the Super Bowl. Per Susan, these are "beep-beep" type honks.

Apparently, Andy considers that far more unmannerly, crude and insensitive than the filthy hip hop lyrics Goad Gatsby blasts constantly, from the time he arrives till the time he leaves.

Why am I not surprised.

Obviously, I'm not all outraged at this, as Andy apparently thinks I, and everyone else, should be. My gosh, do floggers have no sense of proportion and balance? There are so many other things to come unglued about (and no, not drones).

Andy, since you seem  to be so delicate and protected (if you're so scandalized by horn-honking at a protest) it makes me wonder how you're going to take what follows. But you need to see it; you're either in or approaching retirement age; it's time for you to get a grasp on the reality of the world around you.

Let me show you some protest boorishness:

Protests against President Bush by the "anti-war" left:

Izzat boorish enough for ya, Andy? No? Then how about some Occupy protesting?

Contrast that with Flagger and other conservative protests, and try to find the boorishness in the latter. For example, this Tea Party Tax Day protest in Pensacola I photographed a few years back: 


No threats, no profanity or obscenity, no public sex, no public urinating or defecating, not even any filthy rap lyrics. But these folks did, indeed, encourage motorists to honk in support of their tax protest, so I guess that makes them utter boors, huh.

The VaFlaggers are a group of ordinary, decent human beings -- Southerners who love their heritage and have had enough of seeing it slandered and trashed.

All  you VaFlagger haters need to get that through your pointy little heads. As much as you want and need them to be frightening and malevolent, they simply are not. You are MAKING. IT. UP. From what hole or need you have in your soul, I do not know. But the problem is your figment, not reality, and you need to get over it.
**(Much of what I write at Backsass is my opinion; most of the factual stuff I write is based on what I learn online. But when I can't find reliable info online, I will contact someone for it.)


  1. As one who hearing was damaged in military service requiring that I wear hearing aids in both ears, I must say I envy Andy's sense of hearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I assume that if there is a lot of honking that there is a lot of love for the flag. HONK HONK

    1. Yeah, I think that may be what's REALLY sticking in Andy's craw. Floggers just hate how people love that flag.

  3. Corey, please, pay attention and stop going off half-cocked. You look like the little hot-heads Andy posts about, trying to palm them off as representative of all Southern heritage. I did not state, imply or hint that Civil War Bloggers support or are connected to the Occupy movement or anti-Bush protesters. I posted those pics to show Andy what actual boorish protesters actually look like.

    Get it now?

  4. Of course I take Susan's word for it -- I've never, ever known her to lie, while Goad recently spent hours harassing me with lies on Twitter. Corey, I know as much about flagging when Judy doesn't take pictures as Andy does, or Simpson does, or YOU do. Probably more. Probably LOTS more.

    Your obsession with the VaFlaggers proves once again what a liar you are. This has nothing whatsoflippin'ever to do with "accurate history," as you've claimed numerous times.

    1. If it has anything to do with history. It's present and future history. It is also beyond the neurotic understanding of the all wise and all knowing Yankee.

  5. Corey, most of the complaints from floggerland about the VaFlaggers have nothing to do with history. Nothing. At. All. To. Do. With. History. For example, there's precious little history in all the hostility toward the VaFlaggers in the comment thread following Simpson''s drone post. And what does the color of Susan's tops have to do with history?

    Re: the Clyburns. It's not misinformation. It's that they see it differently than you. The flogger version of history can't be trusted because floggers have a ideological agenda that bends their perceptions.


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