Saturday, November 15, 2014

How Simpson Honors Veterans at XRoads

Simpson's history is to do little or nothing^ to honor veterans on Veterans Day, but to use that day as an excuse to attack Confederate heritage*. What a surprise, huh.

*11/11/2014 --  Grousing about a blippin' anonymous Twitter feed -- long post with images/screenshots with a couple of token mentions of veterans.

*11/11/2013  -- Grousing about Tim Manning, complete with video, and a token, one-sentence recognition of veterans.

^11/11/2012  -- Posts a video from Saving Lincoln -- no mention of veterans except in post title.

^11/11/2011 -- Nothing. (See Note.)

This further illustrates that, for him. history is a weapon, and his default approach, for those who see history differently from him, is denigration, gratuitous attacks, harassment and falsehood.

For Simpson, the best use of U.S. veterans is as a club for bashing Southern heritage. Recognizing them and their service appears to be an afterthought.

Note: in 2011, on the 15th, four days after the fact, he runs a poll asking if Confederates should be considered veterans.


  1. Confederates are AMERICAN veterans, no two ways about it. I 'll bet Shrimpson's poll has very few people with Confederate ancestors participating.


    1. It was several years back. I don't know how big his audience was back then.

  2. As frequently as Simpson and crew scour the internet looking for negative items to harp about, you'd figure it wouldn't be that difficult to run across any of the numerous F/B pages that Flaggers or SHPG folks have up honoring family members and other Veterans. But then again it's Simpson.

    1. You know he runs across them; he just refuses to acknowledge them.

    2. Just think all that time spent attacking people could be spent on research. And just to be honest, I for one do not understand the attacks. What is so wrong with factual history? Why must there be an agenda???


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