Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pedophile-lovin' Brooks Simpson Honors US Veterans? (Updated!)

Only if he can use said "honoring" as vehicle for trashing people he hates -- Southern heritage folk, including moi --  especially the Virginia Flaggers and most especially the one he hates the most, Susan Hathaway.

I've never even heard of the FB page he's connecting us with ('cuz somebody there posted a link to Backsass and a photo of Susan). Simpson's implication that we share the viewpoints held by anyone who happens to post about us is either stupid or unethical. And while I don't consider him to be of more than average intelligence, I don't think Simpson is stupid.

Yeah. That means I think he's unethical. Highly. Which he has demonstrated repeatedly at XRoads.

His hatred for Susan Hathaway has been conspicuously on display over there lately. And I still can't figure out why he hates her so, and loves to lie about her.

As far as I know, she's never done anything to him.

Is an honest difference of opinion about history enough to justify that kind of hate? I can't see it. There's bound to be some other reason for it in his fevered brain but perhaps it's something people with ethics can't really understand or relate to.

Oh, and by the way, Susan's Facebook newsfeed abundantly honors US Vets on Veterans Day, particularly the ones in her family.

And I note that none of the other floggers have posted anything honoring US Vets on Veterans Day. Will Simpson take them to task for it?

Maybe when hell freezes over....

Which should tell you just how deeply insincere, nay fraudulent, his "honor" of US Vets is.


It's not a Facebook page Simpson is fraudulently trying to connect us with, it's a Twitter feed; and I still never heard of it until now.


Just to show what a liar Sick Simpson is -- just how ethically challenged and unscrupulous...

From Susan's FB wall -- her cover image, been up all weekend in commemoration of Veterans Day:

And this is on my wall -- posted by my sis and shared by me.

No love for US Veterans? We have a heck of a lot more love for 'em than Simpson has. For him,  their day is just an excuse to trash the VaFlaggers and Confederate heritage.

I know why he has such a sullen attitude toward me ... because I show his "historianship" extreme disrespect, but I still have to ask... why the hate for Susan? Why the lies? She's never done anything to him.


While Simpson is bellyaching over imaginary disrespect to Vets (that he hallucinated) shown by Susan and me, a Veterans Day Program in Wisconsin has been CANCELLED by ... guess who... THE FLIPPIN SCHOOL DISTRICT IN EAU CLAIRE.

It's YOUR side, Simpson, that disrespects veterans...



  1. Here's how Whiny Butt Ruminski honors vets: http://thatdevilhistory.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/the-military-and-the-search-for-heroes-in-american-culture/ by trashing people who honor them. And, of course, as a court "historian" he can't let an opportunity to trash the Confederacy go by, so he's very efficiently using one stone to kill two birds.

    Reckon Simpson will get so bothered about that he'll consider it sufficient cause to trash and lie about Whiny Butt?

  2. Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/WeLoveOurSouth

    I never even heard of it until Simpson posted it.

  3. The first post at "SaveConfedMuseum" is on October 28.

    Probably another one of Corey's inventions.

    And that's how Ole Simp knows about this two-week old website...and we don't.

  4. My FB Page = https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=835314009864905&set=a.114879545241692.14854.100001589420902&type=1&theater

  5. Mrs Chastain
    I just asked Mr. Simpson if he knew who the author of this tweeter account was. I will await his answer. But I will say if seems strange that someone would go on a rant about US servicemen that claims to be Southern, just saying. I believe in verification before I believe anything I read on the internet and so should they. I do believe that Mr. Simpson and his followers with their accumulated education should be able to find out who the author of these crazy rants is.

  6. Thank you for sharing my cover photo, Ms. Connie! I honestly could not care less about "proving" my patriotism to likes of B.S., but I am glad for any opportunity to brag on my uncles.

    My Grandmother's brothers all served in WWII and all survived.

    L-R, Granville David Jenkins, Wesley William Jenkins, John Sylvanius Jenkins, and Ryland Sylvester Jenkins.

    Uncle Granville was with the 24th Infantry in the Pacific. He was awarded a medal for bravery and came home to be killed by a drunk driver.

    Uncle Wesley was with the 2nd Marine Div. in the Pacific

    Uncle "Tootsie" was with the 90th Infantry in Europe. He was the last surviving brother and died a few years ago, at 95.

    Uncle Ryland was with the 9th (Army) Air Force in Europe.

    I joined the UDC on the service of their Grandfather, Solomon Benjamin Jenkins, 10th Va Heavy Artillery, Co. A.

    Duty, honor, and sacrifice are Southern Traditions that, for my family, date back to the Revolutionary War in Virginia, and continue with family members serving in the Armed Forces today.


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