Friday, November 21, 2014

How a Liar Lies -- Part ...Too Many to Keep Up With

Over at XRoads, Simpson posts:

One way to lie, of course, is to report only part of what someone says. Known as "lying by omission," Simpson is a virtuoso at it...

Here are the entire statements, made across several posts in the Chat Box over there. -------------->
Anyone with the discernment and intelligence implied in holding a position at a major institute of, um, learning should be able to figure out that the entire thought was expressed over several postings. Especially somebody with an Internet tiptoe-savvy time-stamp obsession.

Do you suppose either he or any of his minions will point out his dishonest reporting? What a silly question. Of course not. Honesty doesn't appear to be highly valued among the civil war left.

(I would just point out here that Allah is the deity prayed to by terrorist beheaders posting their"talent" on Internet videos, their cohorts coming across our undefended borders, and the western copy-cat toadies that become radicalized in their mosques. If somebody doesn't believe that is diversity, and that sort of violence isn't shattering to our culture, what desert of sand do they have their head stuck in? What will it take to wake them to reality? Another 9-11 targeting the Sears tower? A suitcase nuke going off in a major US city? The hijacking of the Ferguson unrest? We'll see....)


  1. I couldn't care less what you think of what I said, Corey. Simpson lied by omission. That's the point.

  2. Its obvious that Mr. Simpson has an agenda because he flat out lied in this post.

    1. He's a leftist ideologue and leftism puts a low premium on truth.....

  3. Another part of my "diversity is shattering" comment was: " I've also read Muslims are helping to rachet up the coming conflict in Ferguson. Have to be careful of what you read on the Internet, but that's certainly not unlikely."

    Anybody who thinks that the "Ferguson Response" and its "network" isn't all about shattering out country and culture has to be living in lala land.

  4. Muslims aren't the only ones planning to hijack the Ferguson unrest. Now the commies are horning in for their piece of the action....
    Commie leaflet


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