Tuesday, November 4, 2014

He "Just Knows"....

Kevin Levin sez, "How many times have you been told that the proper way to refer to our civil war is the 'War Between the States'? The folks who insist on it almost always assume they are speaking for their ancestors."

They do? I wonder how he knows this. Have those folks told him so? Have most of them told him so? Have any of them told him so?

I'm constantly astounded at what Kevin knows without benefit of being told.

He just KNEW the VaFlaggers were making up the story about W&L security forcing a teen visitor to turn his Confederate flag T-Shirt inside out.

He just KNEW there would be no flag on I-95 near Richmond.

He just KNEW that nobody who opposed to the I-95 flag had anything to do with the theft of the backhoe -- before the police even started their investigation!

And now he knows when folks are speaking for their ancestors.

What is this man doing teaching at some high school? With his ability to "just know", he needs to be in the highest levels of the Department of Homeland Security or the NSA.


  1. Rob, there were lots and lots of Confederates. They thought all kinds of things about all kinds of things.

  2. Rob, I'm not dismissing Confederates. I'm dismissing Levin.

    If I put a splat on the windshield for you, will you go away again?

  3. ><

    Given his track record of ineptness of "knowing", he would be perfect for a government job.



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