Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Behold More Flogger Dishonesty....

...(or is it, um, flogger confusion?)

You may remember that anonymous flogger said in an earlier post, "So we will continue to hear this crowd crying "We're not racist! We're not racist!'"

I replied, in part, "I don't hear heritage folks crying that. Where do you hear it? How often? Try to find on my blog where I've said it. Try to find it on the VaFlaggers blog.... I suspect ... that when a heritage advocate denies racism, they have a completely different concept than the person accusing them of it."

So now she has posted a few quotes -- nine, to be exact -- which she is presumably offering as proof that heritage folks say, "We're not racist. We're not racist!"

In fact, EIGHT of the nine are NOT saying "We're not racist!" -- they are saying Confederate flags are not symbols of slavery, racism and hate.

That's not the same thing, is it? Can Flogger-Anon not tell the difference between people -- human beings -- and flags, banners, pieces of cloth, which have no will, no volition, no beliefs?

She quotes ONE PERSON saying he did not consider himself to be a racist -- but it is in response to a question posed to him..

Perhaps Anonymous Flogger needs a little help. Okay, here ya go, sweetie:

See the difference?

Tell ya what. Since you seem to be having difficulty with this, let's try something simple and work our way  up to persons and flags. Okay?

Which is which? (1) Butt. (2) Hole in ground.
Don't give up. Keep trying and eventually you'll get it.



    This post is a gem!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you didn't use sheeps**t and shinola as examples!


    1. LOL I love what she did use as examples.


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