Saturday, February 7, 2015

Local Government Is for Who????

From a comment thread at Levin's flog:
Jerry McKenzie:  Local government is for locals.

Andy Hall: “Local government is for locals.” It is, but the Flaggers and other heritage folks usually rationalize their interference by asserting that the views of local residents they disagree with are somehow not legitimate — transplants from “up north,” ignorant of history, and so on. They really have no actual commitment to the principle of local self-government. They just want what they want.
The Charlottesville City Council. Not a single Charlottesville native on it... Not even a VIRGINIA native....
Mayor Satyendra Huja
Born: January 13, 1942, Kohat, Pakistan
Has lived in Charlottesville since the 1980s

Dede Smith
Born: October 1, 1955 Springfield, Vermont
Moved to Charlottesville in 1979

Kristin Szakos
Born: 1959 in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York 
Has lived in Charlottesville since 1994

Kathy Galvin
Grew up in Massachusetts
Apparently, has lived in Charlottesville since the 1980s

Bob Fenwick
Born in St. Louis, Missouri
Has lived in "the Charlottesville community" for 38 years
So local government is for locals except for, you know, the people runnin' it....

And I don't know about Andy, but Vermont, New York and Massachusetts are UP NORTH on the flippin' map, and Pakistan ain't even in the western hemisphere... So four of the five city council members are transplants.....


Transplants with, as they have clearly, clearly demonstrated, no appreciation for a huge swath of Charlottesville's and Virginia's heritage and culture.

So the Virginia Flaggers shouldn't involve themselves in issues outside of Richmond? Shouldn't go to Lexington, Fredericksburg or Charlottesville?

Right. And Martin Luther King, Jr., shouldn't have taken his activism beyond Atlanta, Andy?


  1. Corey, they were all well into adulthood, approaching middle age, and deeply grounded in their left-leaning, Confederacy-hating, lets-change-the-South-to-the-way-WE-want it mentality. How would you like it if a bunch of interlopers came to your state, became "community organizers" and elected or appointed officials, and started besmirching Lincoln and erasing his legacy, and launched a crusade to have public reminders of him removed from view?

    1. He wouldn't like it. But such a thing is inconceivable. People west of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, as well as those south of the Ohio river and Pennsylvania, don't think this way. Furthermore, why do Northerners think that they have supra rights and authority that the rest of us don't? Why are the South and the West "their" country to do with as they please? Why do they regard the native residents of these places as irrelevant, and whose opinions, sentiments and beliefs count for naught? Why do they regard such people as another kind of Indian tribe to be got out of the way?

    2. Well, James, things may be changing.

    3. Sounds like a good idea.
      But I ain't leaving VA. till God calls me.

  2. (Sorry, off topic...)

    News Flash!!!

    Gann Academy is Integrated!

    A Civil Rights Moment for Black History Month!

    Gann Academy's First Black Student-

    1. News flash indeed! So is she a pluralistic Jew or is Gann Academy re-thinking who it is for?

  3. Ms Connie
    I sure wish you would let Cory's comments through I sho miss the entertainment

    1. I'd say that instead of defending Dixie, we insist that Corey defend the North. But not what they did in 1861, But what they do now, in 2015.

    2. You might wanna buy a catchers mask, you know how corey feels about women who disagree with him.


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