Monday, February 9, 2015

Fascinating ... but Sad

As I have said before, I don't like to call people names that diminish their intelligence. That's too much a flogger thing to do. And, of course, the people whose intelligence they denigrate aren't unintelligent -- they just hold views that floggers don't like, disagree with, and think they shouldn't hold. (That's flogger "tolerance" for you.) I've blogged about it here: Assassinating Their Own Intellect.

These folks sometimes do assassinate their own intellect in order to smear people they don't like. Take, for example, the host flogger of a new flog designed to trash and smear Flaggers and other Southern heritage folks.  He/She is anonymous -- too cowardly to identify him/herself -- but I doubt s/he is new to the floggosphere. I also suspect s/he is a woman, so I will use "she" from now on. It's possible, too, that she is more than one person, and the flog is a team effort...

But what we can guess about her is quite interesting. She apparently has enormous amounts of time to comb the Internet.... so.... a malingerer? An unemployed idler and layabout? Or using the computer at work for personal pursuits?

We also know she is obsessed with her concept of racism. In fact, that's basically what the flog is all about.

Fascinating,  huh?

Yes, it's fascinating when you realize that she has to absolutely behead her intellect in order to fabricate the "links and ties" she blogs about.  What's even more fascinating is her inability to grasp the significance of her subject matter.

Images: Public domain.  Editing: CWard
She struggles mightily to make an Everest out of a few molehills using mostly Facebook likes and friendships. I've blogged about that before, too. People who can evaluate Facebook with even rudimentary intelligence understand that there are myriad reasons for friending someone, and it doesn't mean all Facebook friends are mental clones. Moreover, normal people also know that Facebook friendship isn't necessarily the same thing as offline friendship, as explained by

    1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

verb (used with object)
    8. to add (a person) to one's list of contacts on a social-networking website

So a friend list on Facebook is a LIST OF CONTACTS. You don't even have to KNOW the person to friend them (or accept their friend request), get it?

I am FB friends with many writers, some of whom write erotic romance, which I do not write and do not agree with or approve of. I do not accept author services jobs at Word Slinger Boutique for erotica, erotic romance and related subjects. My website clearly states, "...we will not knowingly promote pornography, erotica, same-sex or multiple partner romance, or portrayals of pre-marital or extra-marital sex as acceptable and positive, or stories that encourage rape, incest, or bestiality, or portray reward, profit or benefit from illegal, immoral behavior."

Yet I'm Facebook friends with some authors who write such as this.

Why? Because online writers' communities pass along information about publishing, self-publishing, writing advice, tips about helpful software, promo and marketing, etc...  To be FB friends with an erotic romance writer, to share writing, publishing or promo information he or she has posted, does not mean I embrace erotica. And I don't "drop them like a hot potato" when they post information about their latest erotic romance release -- but for sure I don't promote it, either.

You don't have to be a genius to understand this.

Most people with sense do understand it. I'm sure the new flogger understands it, but she's ignoring this simple, basic truth in order to lie about people she doesn't like, and drum up hatred for them.  So she posts a bunch of "racist" hooey to smear Flaggers and heritage folks with, almost none of which has anything to do with them. And then, because they don't "renounce" it, she implies that PROVES they're racist.

What she doesn't seem to understand is that normal people don't constantly comb the internet looking for "racism" they can slander people with, and I'd wager that most heritage folks don't know the sites she salivates over even exist.

(Allied Artists Pictures)
Surely she knows, if she has any common sense at all, that only people (mostly political leftists) who have a deep addiction to "anti-racism"-- to finding "proof" that somebody is a white supremacist or whatever -- care about stuff like that. The pointing and screeching when they "find" "racism" and when they can "connect" it to people they don't like, starts a veritable fountain of dopamine flowing in their brains, and sets their insides a-quiver.

But most normal, healthy people find pleasure in their families, their neighbors, their work, their culture and tradition, their faith -- you know, things of substance.

So yes, this flogger gets her kicks finding crap on the internet, and fabricating connections to it that don't objectively exist, because smearing people gets the neurons in her pleasure centers firing like the Forth of July.

Didn't I tell you it's fascinating? But it's also so very sad.

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