Monday, February 2, 2015

Is Brooks D. Simpson Unintentionally Hilarious? Or Intentionally Malicious?

He looks at a few pictures on the Internet, he reads a few hostile posts on the Internet, and he thinks he knows ALL ABOUT something that happened 2,000 or so miles away, just as if he were there! Isn't that a scream? And he's supposed to be a smaraht, edumucated person!

And what's even funnier, he puts it on his blog, and his lemming followers BELIEVE him! What a knee-slapper, huh, folks?

This, as much as anything, illustrates how the educational establishment in this country has dumbed people down -- teaching them not HOW to think, but WHAT to think. It has robbed them of their critical thinking skills.

Unless, of course, you are of the opinion that Simpson knows he's reporting from incomplete information, and does it anyway -- slanting and distorting -- out of sheer malice.

Slanting, distortion -- in other words, lying -- and malice are not funny at all. Especially malice.

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  1. He's simply acting within the framework of the New England Moral/Political paradigm. Horses whinny, cats meow, and Yankees are arrogant, condescending know it all's who meddle in the business of distant strangers.


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