Monday, February 9, 2015

Pat 'n' Andy, Deceiver-Peas in a Dishonest-Pod

(Previously titled Race-obsessed Pat Young ... Again.)

Over on Simpson's flog, Pat Young comments:
"I noticed that Ms. Chastain is claiming that Charlotesville apparently is not governed by locals because the mayor was born in Pakistan."
Actually, what I said was that NONE of the city council members, not just the mayor, are VIRGINIA NATIVES.
"Because the mayor is Pakistani, he is not, she insists, a Virginian."
I said he is a TRANSPLANT. That means not a native Virginian. And I said that every individual on the city council is a transplant and not a native Virginian. And you left that out to focus solely on a Pakistani, as if I was the one who singled him out.

I didn't single him out, Mr. Young. YOU did.
"I thought that she was trying to dress up her racism recently, but I was wrong."
Racism? What you conceptualize as "my" racism is found only in your biased, slanted and distorted imagination. No, YOU are the one focused on race, Mr. Young, which you demonstrate by by zeroing in on Mayor Huja and ignoring the fact that I included ALL FIVE city council members, the rest of whom are blindingly white, BTW, in my remarks.

The city council members in Charlottesville live in Virginia, that makes them residents of Virginia, even citizens of Virginia, as it is legally defined. But they are not Virginians in the sense I'M talking about -- in the sense of having a deep, generational connection to the state, its heritage, history and people. They all came to Virginia when they were well into adulthood, after their worldview and loyalties had been developed.

They are Virginians in the same sense that I was an Illinoisans for five years back in the 1970s. I lived, worked, voted, etc., in Illinois, but I was a Georgian by birth and an Alabamian by raising. (Even today, I am a Floridian, but not like a native Floridian.) But in another way, it's not the same at all. I didn't move to Illinois for the specific purpose of trying to change it to something I like better, or that I thought was superior to how it was. That is exactly the attitude of so many nonSoutherners who move to the South and get on city councils, county commissions and other positions of influence -- because of their hyper-inflated sense of superiority (which gives rise to their contempt for Southerners to whom the South belongs), in order to fix what ain't broke. They just want to change it because they don't like it.
"BTW, when I commented on this on her site, she of course refused to post my comment."
Haven't received a comment from you, Mr. Young. It is not in the spam filter, and there was no notice of your comment emailed to me by Blogger. This is the second time you've claimed you left a comment that I never got. Maybe you accidentally hit "preview" instead of "publish"?

Obviously, if I receive it, I have no problem posting and addressing it, since I actually brought your comments from another blog to Backsass, posted them here, and addressed them. 

You are blinded by your pro-immigrant, anti-native (especially anti-white-native) bias. And you can't even see it.  But then, isn't that what blinded means? Can't see?

I don't suppose you happened to notice all the crap that went on in that Charlottesville meeting you and your buddies at Levin's flog failed to acknowledge in your eagerness to trash the Virginia Flaggers. Like, ignoring the filthy mouthed Filipino woman who implied that "her country" is not the United States.... Like, y'all's pretending to not know how Karen Cooper's comments related to the Lee-Jackson holiday issue...

These are example of y'all's self-inflicted blind spots. And they occurred in an online community that runs high to edumucated accumudemics who ought to easily discern the connection -- but of course, when one is serving an agenda, it can, and frequently does, get in the way of truth and common sense and intellectual integrity.

Over on Kevin's flog, Andy Hall sez, "I wondered how long it would be before some Flagger publicly referred to Charlottesville Mayor Huja, who is Sikh, as a “raghead.” Turns out, not long. Confederate Heritage advocates: they are exactly who you thought the were."

Here's the link he includes:

I noodled around over there looking for the reference, but never found it.

It's telling that Andy posted a very non-specific link instead and the very nonspecific "some Flagger" instead of plainly saying, "Ten Confederate (or twenty, or a thousand or ten thousand) Flaggers called Mayor Huja a raghead."

  Note that he goes from "some Flagger" -- singular -- to "Confederate Heritage advocates" -- plural. That's deliberate deception in my book, without identifying them or quantifying them.

I also find it interesting how Andy -- like Liberty Lamp and Spelunker and Simpson -- knows about all these racist Confederate sites I never knew existed -- and likely most heritage folks don't know exist. I guess these floggers have lots of free time to loaf and surf looking for tiny morsels of racism to smear the entire heritage community with. I thought Andy had a job, but maybe he's retired and has time on his hands....

In any case, their familiarity with sites so many heritage folks don't know about is likely because they themselves are eaten UP with race -- and with hatred for heritage folks.

What Andy is apparently blind to (heritage-haters have lotsa blind spots) is all the heritage folks who didn't refer to Mayor Huja that way. How many didn't do it as opposed to how many did? Isn't how many didn't as important as how many did?

That doesn't matter to Andy. He's happy to smear the large innocent group with the small guilty group (or the single guilty individual) without a twinge of conscience.


  1. You need to read your own writing. You did not just write that the mayor was not a native Virginian.

    You wrote that the mayor and the others on the city council were "NOT VIRGINIANS". Apparently an immigrant can never be a Virginian in your opinion, since the mayor has lived in the city, whose highest office he was elected to, for three decades. In the eyes of the State of Virginia, he is a Virginian. And the votes of the people of his city demonstrate that he is considered a local by the locals.

    And by the way, I know what a publish button looks like.

    1. Try this link after the Andy Hall Comment--

      Say I am sorry Connie I made a mistake about your comments, not allowing my posts and the publish button.

      George Purvis

  2. Yes, Mr. Young, I wrote that the mayor and the others on the city council were "NOT VIRGINIANS" but the qualifier, "native" had already been established earlier in the post. Sheesh....

    And when they are so hostile to Virginia, its heritage and culture, and to hereditary Virginians, I deem them to be outsiders at odds with the people, come to the state to tear it down and rebuild it in the misbegotten image born of political correctness and their aversion to Virginia's rich tradition and heritage.

  3. Quote: "Apparently an immigrant can never be a Virginian in your opinion, since the mayor has lived in the city, whose highest office he was elected to, for three decades. In the eyes of the State of Virginia, he is a Virginian."

    You're taking the dry, brittle, bloodless legalistic view -- not surprising for a lawyer, I guess.

    I'm referring to the organic oneness with community, the spiritual bonds of belongingness, and the generational sense of home -- that have tied people to place since time immemorial.

  4. I've searched the net and haven't found any "raghead" comment by a Flagger or anyone involved with Confederate heritage. So for now, the only one that has referred to Mayor Huja as "raghead" is Andy Hall.

  5. Commenter who regularly doesn't get posted here tells me the "raghead" reference is spoken by Justin Burton about 5 minutes into the Freda Mincy video at the link Andy posted.

    Andy couldn't have said that? He couldn't have said, "Justin Burton said it about mark 5:25 into the video"? How hard would it have been to type that? I just typed it with no difficulty at all.

    See, I didn't watch the video, and have no intention of watching it. I almost never watch amateur talking-head videos on the Internet, regardless of who makes them, or the subject matter, or where they are posted. (Although I probably would have fast forwarded to that point on the timeline, if Andy had provided it.)

    Here's another example:

    (I watched a few moments of that video, enough to know it contains information people who love this country need to know -- but I have a work history of shooting and editing talking head videos, and I know there's a reason why they need to be scripted in advance, and the person on-camera needs to get to the point immediately and speak concisely, and not hem-haw around ... )

    I will also say that my observation is that Mincy and Burton have no relationship with many (thought not all) heritage folks and groups, and a nettlesome one with others. It's a big movement, the people in it are not mental clones (as the floggers would dearly love for folks to believe) and there will be clashes, or at least coolness, from time to time. (Considering the strongly held opinions in the community, and the fairly widespread tendency for folks to think THEIR way is the right way, it really is a wonder that there aren't more skirmishes and brush fires from time to time. In fact, sometimes seems a miracle that internecine war hasn't broken out in the heritage community.)

    In any case, we now know I was right about Andy. He is willingly blind to all the heritage folks who didn't refer to the mayor that way (or he has a deep aversion to publicly acknowledging that they exist), and he apparently gets a wicked dopamine high from the effort to smear the entire movement and everyone in it with one obscure remark from one obscure person...

    1. So "raghead" is bad - and I agree.

      But "ignorant white redneck" is OK?-

    2. or how about when Bucky called for the genocide of all people with Confederate heritage? Young didn't speak up then did he???

  6. Ms. Chastain, if a mayor who has lived in a city for 30 years and who has been elected by the people of that city to its highest office is not a "local", then you, by the same definition, are not a "local" in Pensacola. Doesn't that mean that you are interfering in Pensacola's matters as an outside agitator when you engage in your one-woman Confederate flag manifestations?

    In fact, were a person with your history of rootlessness to oppose the CBF, you would likely describe him or her as a cosmopolitan unmoored in local traditions. Perhaps that is your problem.

    While true "locals" in Charlotesville and other places in Virginia have seen local conditions evolve over the decades and have learned both the importance of conserving that which is valuable about the past while embracing the future, your personal history has deprived you of those insights.

    1. ""

      Is that a socialist or communist site?

    2. It is a site for Long Island's immigrant community. From the web site's mission:

      "Immigrants come to Long Island from all over the world – Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America—to work hard and take care of their families. They are vital contributors to Long Island’s economy and cultural diversity. We provide research and commentary, shape public engagement, and organize Long Islanders working towards a common goal."

    3. ---- but the fact still remains you were wrong about her native comment. Aren't you man enough to admit it.

      Can't Confederate heritage people be part of a cultural diversity? Confederate is made up of races of all people who were present in the US during that period. Is this the only heritage you attack? Are you a bigot and hate everything Confederate?


    4. coldsouthernsteel wrote in response to me:

      "you were wrong about her native comment. Aren't you man enough to admit it."

      Apparently coldsouthernsteel has the same reading problems as Ms. Chastain.

      Here is what Ms. Chastain in fact wrote:

      "So four of the five city council members are transplants....


      Quite clear that she is not referring to them as non-natives. She is in fact insisting that although they live in Virginia, and have done so for years, they are "NOT VIRGINIANS" and "NOT SOUTHERNERS."

      I have no desire to try to pierce Ms. Chastain's more recent obfuscations of her original statement. What she wrote is obvious to any impartial reader.

    5. I have no problem reading you do. Look at your response it clearly says transplants. They will never be Virginians. They will always be of their point of birth.

      Now by your logic, how is we have African Americans, Irish Americans, and Italian Americans when most were not born in aboard, nor have they ever been to those places?

      George Purvis

  7. I'm not a Florida native, no doubt about it. I do have an organic connection to Pensacola that goes beyond my legalistic residence here. However, I didn't move to Pensacola with the intention of amputating the city from its roots, history, heritage and culture, as so many "new" people coming to the South intend and try to do.

    When I lived in Illinois, Mr. Young, I did not go around trying to amputate the towns I lived in from their associations with Lincoln. I really AM more tolerant than you South-haters.

    Also, moving some place with the intention of trashing its history and heritage, and remaking it the way the newcomer wants it, is not "evolving conditions." It is a deliberate attack. Obviously, Kristen Szakos's crusades to purge Charlottesville of Confederate reminders is not about "conserving the past".

    My personal history and observations have enhanced my insights.

  8. Mr. Young apparently has difficulty with the truth. Sez he: "Ms. Chastain saw my comment here and gave her usual indignant response claiming that I never submitted a comment to her blog."

    I didn't say he never submitted it. I just said I didn't get it. That's not the same thing, is it? How can you deal reasonably with people who can't be honest about the simplest thing?


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