Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mousy Tongue: The Latest Floggerette.... Go Off the Deep End
(Note: Circumstantial evidence suggests that Mousy is the new anonymous flogger. I wonder why she's skeered to identify herself.)

Over at XRoads, Mousy sez: 
This is a side topic, but in that post you’re talking about: Connie linked a viral video, which she bills as “I watched a few moments of that video, enough to know it contains information people who love this country need to know”! :)

It’s of some nitwit misunderstanding a high school assignment and thinking it’s some sort of subliminal Islamic extremist recruitment project. She’s not a high school student, nor a parent of anybody at the school, nor even a local. But she’s mad as heck!
Yet another marvelous, sparkling example of the flogger and floggerette lust for denigrating the intelligence of people they disagree with.

I don't think the woman is misunderstanding the assignment at all, and in the time I watched, I saw no indication that she thought it was a "subliminal Islamic extremist recruitment project." This appears to be Mousy's bizarre, out-of-the-blue interpretation based on nothing, probably, except her own animosity. Typical leftist "tolerance."
It’s a vocabulary-in-context assignment from a North Carolina state-adopted workbook (“Lesson 16, CONTEXT: Civilization, The Islamic World: A.D. 600-1300?), and it talks about the history and customs of Islam. It’s basic education.
Actually, what the woman read was not about the history and customs of Islam -- it was about the glorification of Mohammed. You know, the dead guy who inspires Muslims to kill people in magazine offices and kosher cafes, behead a British soldier in the middle of the street in broad daylight, behead an American woman at her workplace in the heartland, burn a captive pilot alive... ...
Here’s a news story about it:

which contains a message for our Connie:

The Farmville Police Department also commented on the video Friday saying, “I want to let everyone know that I have seen the video post about Farmville Central High School and it is being looked into by the PCSO. The safety of your children is of the utmost importance to FCHS, the Farmville Police Department, and the PCSO. I would ask that instead of continuing to share the post and fueling the fire, that you allow those agencies involved to handle the situation.”

Here’s the Pitt County Schools press release:

Anyhow, we know Connie’s not very smart but I thought you might enjoy this insight from her!
Well, "not very smart" at least puts me several rungs above Mousy on the intelligence ladder. Yeah, I know; this is a smack at what passes for Mousy's intelligence, and I'm supposed to avoid following the flogger practice of denigrating the intelligence of our critics and opponents. But my gosh, when she writes crap like this, it's hard to resist!

Several things come to mind regarding this Islamic vocabulary lesson.  It doesn't strike me as a subliminal Islamic extremist recruitment project but an exercise in desensitization and normalization ... an attempt to cleanse and sanitize the prophet, and to separate him from the barbaric and savage brutality practiced by his followers.

It also occurs to me to wonder whether the
vocabulary-in-context curriculum also includes a lesson in something like: CONTEXT: Civilization, The Christian World: B.C. 5 - A.D. 2015).

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