Saturday, February 14, 2015

Taking a Break

Flipper -- Blue-eyed blond boy
I may be scarce around here for a while (three weeks to a month, maybe). There are off-line and personal things that have been piling up that I need to take care of -- pet (cat) stuff, a couple of author services jobs coming up, some early spring cleaning and home projects, (curtain sewing, painting), that sort of hum-drum chore.

Things are heating up heritage-wise in my neck of the woods and that will claim more of my time. 

I'm finally learning how to do book marketing and promo, and my sales are gradually showing the effects, so I need to step up that effort. It's not all that time consuming, but it does add up. I am also, for the first time since I started writing, setting a daily word count goal.

Several weeks ago, my doc told me he could fix my knees (or at least help them) without resorting to surgery. The first thing he tried (steroid shots in my knees on February 3rd) haven't had much effect. Knee pain has decreased maybe 10 - 15 percent. I guess the next thing to try will be cartilage injections, and if that works, I will have to start a walking routine, and that will be time-consuming.

I will try to post during this time but it probably won't be often. I'll more than likely do Notices, Updates and Quickies. I will check comments periodically.

Also going to cut back the time I spend on Facebook until I get a handle on all these chores.

It's not going to be easy; I'm an Internet junkie. But part of the reason a lot of this stuff piled up is because I neglected them to play online.

I hope I haven't missed some opportunity -- for example, I hope the really affordable fabric that has a Mid Century Modern leaf motif has not all been sold! It sort of puts you in mind of this, except it's gray, black and yellow. It will be for my kitchen.

Meanwhile, everyone keep standing for Dixie!  If you need to contact me, email I will check that every day.


  1. My wife and I have a cat that looks just like yours. We call him "Squeak" because of his squeaky voice, although he seldom speaks.

  2. Good luck Connie. Will be waiting for more of your excellent articles.


  3. James, this boy is "Flipper" because he lays down on his side right next to your foot, and then flips over. And then flips back over. Over and over.

    Thanks, George. It will be much easier to write without all this stuff hanging over my head.

  4. I will do my part for sure Connie.

  5. Ms Connie
    We are going to miss your insight and rebuttals to those people. But enjoy you free time spring is coming to the South and ain't that grand.


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