Friday, June 5, 2015

Lying to Cause Harm...

"As I’ve said before, the racial beliefs of the Virginia Flaggers and their supporters, with a handful of exceptions, are not all that different from these particular critics." Brooks D. Simpson

(Note: the critics he's talking about are Matt Heimbach and Brad Griffin.)

For those interested in truth, compare Brad Griffin's blog and Matt Heimbach's blog to the Virginia Flaggers' blog and just see how drastically Brooks Simpson lies in his obsessive quest to bring harm to the Virginia Flaggers.
Over on his blawg, Simpson sez:
You knew Connie Chastain had to pipe up on this:

“For those interested in truth, compare Brad Griffin’s blog and Matt Heimbach’s blog to the Virginia Flaggers’ blog and just see how drastically Brooks Simpson lies in his obsessive quest to bring harm to the Virginia Flaggers.”

First, compare Connie Chastain’s blog to these blogs. Not a lot of difference when it comes to racial attitudes and matters of tolerance.
Yes, plenty of difference, but of course, Simpson doesn't look for difference, he looks for similarity, and if he finds the slightest bit of similarity, he quits looking and declares what he's found as evidence of mental clone-hood (in a manner of speaking). It's possible he holds some attitudes and beliefs similiar to those of Griffin, Heimbach, etc. But what he never acknowledges is that how/where people differ is just as important as how/where  they are similar. We've already seen how Simpson's lily-white life is not a lot different from the racial attitudes of Griffin, Heimbach, et. al.
Second, Connie claims she’s not a spokesperson for the Virginia Flaggers.
I'm not.
So she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about, and we can dismiss her prattle.
Actually, I am in contact with various VaFlaggers via the Internet, so I know quite a bit; I'm just not an official of the group, and have no authority to speak for them. But I know most of what I know from observation, same as Simpson; thus, if I don't know what I'm talking about, he doesn't know what he's talking about, either, so what he says about them can be dismissed as so much prattle -- but, frankly, I consider what he says to be more hate-mongering than prattle.
The point remains: the Virginia Flaggers don’t distance themselves from these folks.
Actually, that's not the point. Oh, that may be Simpson's point in his desire to stir up hatred for the Flaggers and bring harm to them, but it's not reality's point. Reality's point that they cannot distance themselves from something they've never been close to.
We see that here, here, here, and here.
All those "here's" are links. Know what they go to? Posts on Simpson's blog. That's right, he is using his own blog posts, his own writings, his own claims, as proof of what he's claiming. Worse than circular reasoning, it's outright deceit. Also guffaw-worthy.
Virginia Flagger Tripp Lewis has spoken favorably of Matt Heimbach...
Regarding Heimbach's honoring his Confederate ancestors only. Never about anything else that I've been able to determine. And Simpson hasn't posted anything else, which he certainly would, if there was anything more to post. He can't resist posting what he thinks will stir up hatred for the Flaggers.
...and the Flaggers themselves counted Matt among their number.
One instance, by one person, where he was mis-identifed as a Flagger, this mistake was verified by me and explained numerous times.
Matt even won an award from the SCV.
The SCV is not the Flaggers.
When confronted directly with some of this evidence, Chastain turtled.
Actually, no, I refuted it. Re-fu-ted it.
The Virginia Flaggers are too skeered to lose the support of white nationalists and white supremacists, so they remain silent on this issue.
From my observation they don't have a lot of support from white nationalists and white supremacists. Those are enormous groups, spread across the country from coast to coast, and the handful of individuals who have appeared to offer off-again, on-again support to the Flaggers are those very few with Confederate heritage. (And they've also offered criticism and put downs of the Flaggers, too.) Good, decent folks genuinely interested in Confederate heritage and its preservation make up the vast majority of Flagger supporters.
Chastain’s whining is easy to dismiss, because, by her own claim, she doesn’t speak for the Flaggers.
Easy to dismiss, yet, he doesn't dismiss what I say, he showcases it on his blog because (1) he knows it is not whining and (2) while I'm not speaking FOR the Flaggers, I am speaking ABOUT them ... and I'm also showcasing his denigration harassment, persecution of them. He can't stand criticism, even from somebody he says is "dismissable", and he knows what I say is true, so he lashes out. It has happened over and over...
They are too skeered to speak for themselves.
As far as I can tell, they speak for themselves all the time. If Simpson means they don't answer his ridiculous, hate-mongering accusations, my assumption is that they don't consider him and his lies important enough to waste time and bandwidth on.
As for Chastain’s own bigotry, that’s been documented here. Recall her own silence when I asked her if the college she attended in Alabama admitted blacks while she was there.
And Simpson's hatred, bigotry and hypocrisy has been documented on Backsass.

Did he ask whether the college I attended in Alabama admitted blacks while I was there? I must've missed that. But the answer is, yes, they did.  A black girl was my roommate on chorus trips...
Chastain finds it difficult to defend herself.
I do? From what?

Nah, it's just that defending myself from Simpson's hate-filled attacks isn't worth putting a whole lot of effort into.  First, people who know me don't believe him, and people who share his hate won't believe anything I say, anyway.  I do defend Confederate heritage and some individuals involved in it from time to time, but mostly I counter-attack and show Simpson to be the attacker he is. Then, too, if/when I attempt to answer his claims in comments at his flog, he often simply refuses to post them.  He has a long, long history of sending my comments to the cornfield -- even when I'm answering something he asked me. He's exhibits capriciousness like that a lot.
The same goes for the Virginia Flaggers.


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  2. The racial beliefs of the Griffin, Hemibach, etc., are not all that different from the actual lives of Simpson and his fellow travelers who profusely deny having the same racial beliefs.... Proving once again that when it comes to the civil war left, if you talk the talk (call somebody else racist) you don't have to walk the walk (live like a good "anti-racist" should...).

  3. Once again Simpleton is blowing smoke out his ass.

  4. Simpson still going on about the Flaggers?????? What an obsession!! Living rent free in Arizona! Living rent free in Arizona! Living rent free in Arizona! Living rent free in Arizona! Living rent free in Arizona! Living rent free in Arizona!

  5. Over at XRoads, Lamprey sez, "Matt Heimbach has a blog? Since when?" and Simpson sez, "Clearly Chastain is an avid reader of such blogs."

    Proof, Simpson? Hahahahah... nope, just another Simpson lie, produced by his hatred. (BTW, my browser history proves your statement is a lie -- you can't read, avidly or not, blogs you don't visit.)

    Lamprey, I just know how to Google. Google is our friend. You could find their blogs using the same resource, you know it?

    1. Lamprey could, but that would imply it has the capacity for individual thought....and we know that the floggers can't think without someone to feed them talking points.

  6. If Mr Simpson is so concerned about Southern Heritage, then may I suggest he study it much more, and learn to respect our Rights to celebrate our Confederate Ancestors, as per The Constitution of USA.

  7. I consider myself a Flagger, and I've only flagged a few times, I wonder what my agenda is ? Could it be that I'm tired of my ancestry being kicked around like a soccer ball, by folks who hate me because I Remember and Honor my ancestors. If that's not it, I wonder if Brooks can tell me !


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