Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Outlasting the Tsunami

An artificially created but nevertheless powerful antiConfederate tidal wave of the magnitude of Indonesia's 2004 tsunami, is crashing across the country, and Simpson thinks I should have stopped it in Pensacola. Wish I'd known I had such power. I would have halted Hurricane Ivan a hundred miles out in the Gulf.

Well, no, Simpson really doesn't think that. He knows better. He's just being his usual slimy self. I wonder what such utter meanness does for him.

But on to what really matters. Southerners survived the war, reconstruction, and several generations of deliberately imposed economic oppression resulting in widespread poverty with associated  nutritional deficiency diseases (including but not limited to pellagra and hookworm) and early death. We will survive this war on our heritage, and we will bring it back. It may take years, decades, even generations, but we will. 

We will do on the intangible level of cultural heritage what physically destroyed places have done -- rebuild. We will work to bring it back and the effort will grow easier with time, because the larger culture that surrounds and opposes us will further weaken from the cultural rot of its own making.

The decline and crumpling of the USA would have made me sad, once upon a time....

But that was then. This is now.

Stunning images of places destroyed and rebuilt

Indonesia ten years after the 2004 tsunami

Hiroshima, Then and Now


  1. "Investigators Probe Fires At 6 Black Churches"

    Proposal to SCV, UDC, Flaggers and other heritage groups-

    Raise funds to help rebuild churches

    1. Presumably they have insurance for that, likely required by law.

    2. I talked too soon...



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