Monday, June 29, 2015

It's Gonna Take More Than This....

The cultural fascists on the left have really stepped in it this time. They hate traditional Southerners, they hate our love of our region and culture, and especially our affection and respect for the symbol of our region, the Confederate battle flag.

They plan things, of course -- planned the Gramscian march through our western institutions to dismantle our larger culture, and carried out their plans methodically over a period of time.

But they are also reactionaries and opportunists.

They thought that exploiting Dylann Roof's connection to the battle flag would end its public acknowledgement once and for all. And at first, it looked like they could be right. Gov. Haley agreed the flag should come down from the soldier's memorial in Columbia. That was followed by a wave of eager battle flag erasures in public places and private commerce...

The leftist culture manipulators must have been ecstatic ... until flags started blanketing the South, and demonstrations of support and patrols to protect monuments cropped up from one corner of Dixie to the other.  The lefties might well be hearing a voice echoing in their minds, just beneath the cheering -- "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." -- attributed to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

These aren't created, professional agitators, like the left has to rely on for their demonstrations, bought with cigarettes and free transportation. These are ordinary Southerners speaking from their heart. The leftwingers had no idea what they would awaken. They don't understand motivation from the heart; they only understand foisting their worldview off on everyone; they understand only their own desire to tell others what they can and cannot do, think, believe.

The subculture of the South -- along with its own subcultures -- has been around for centuries. If it didn't go away during the union's struggle to erase it in the civil war and reconstruction, it's going to take more than censoring the battle flag to do it. A LOT more. Frankly, I don't think they have what it takes.

Thus, considering their true goal, they have stepped in failure, bigtime. It's gonna take a while to scrape it off the bottom of their shoes...

So for the messy-shod leftist culture warriors, it's a good thing the Supremes ruled as they did on homosex marriage. They can run to that and dive in, to save face.... Run in their stench-of-failure shoes to stink up their rainbow victory. cuz...



  1. Not to stir up the flames. But our resident floggers seem to have been oddly quiet as of late. I wonder why?

  2. The Nidal Hasan shooting- 13 killed, 32 wounded
    The beheading in Oklahoma
    The bombing in Boston
    ...and several other incidents

    Why no Left-Wing mob attack against Muslims?

    It's one of their voting blocks. 85% for Obama in 2012.

  3. They've taken down the CS flags at Fort Sumter.
    Don't visit. Don't buy.

  4. Stone Mountain Park will continue to fly Confederate flags.
    Go visit. Go buy.


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