Monday, June 22, 2015

Not Even Tragedy Stops His Lies

Comments by Simpson at his slimy blog:

I find Connie Chastain’s ranting on this topic to be most amusing. After all, she runs a hate blog of the sort that would inspire someone to take violent action given her rabid intolerance.

What utter tripe, coming from somebody who has been trying for years to drum up hatred for Southern heritage folks in general, the Virginia Flaggers in particular, and most especiall Susan Hathaway.

She’s even endorsed the threat of violence against anti-Flagger protesters as self defence

Have no idea what he's talking about, but he lies all the time, so there's no telling. Interesting, though, that he reveals himself to be against self-defense.

...and we all remember how she poo-pooed Pat Hines’s threats of violence.

I said it wasn't a credible threat. Facebook agreed with me. The FBI agreed with me.

Meanwhile she continues to entertain thoughts of violence against Confederate heritage advocates as a form of literary inspiration.

Yes, the way Alex Haley did -- don't see Simpson complaining about that. And look at all these novelists who've written about violent stalkers. Don't hear him complaining about that. Obviously, he's just evilizing somebody he doesn't like. It's what he does.

We’ve already seen the Virginia Flaggers counterattack: they have even complained about people protesting their events.

Sometimes, Simpson's lies are just revolting -- and this just just another lie designed to drum up hatred for the VaFlaggers. Here's their "counterattack" and "complaint":
We obviously support their right to assemble peacefully and make their "points", and hope they appreciate that adding folks to the sidewalk, even if they are not working with us, draws more attention to our Cause, and increases the spotlight on the VMFA...and all the while we don't have to do anything except continue to stand, which we will do.
See, here is another attempt to associate the VaFlaggers with white supremacy, and perhaps make them the target of a crazed "antiracist."

Remember, their webmaster already excuses kidnapping children as a simple domestic dispute.

In the one case he's talking about (one child, "children") it is a domestic dispute. Unless he think the mother is a stranger who slipped in a window and took the child, Hauptmann-style? 

When will she explain away murder?

Never. When will you stop lying and stop drumming up hatred for Susan and the VaFlaggers?

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  1. I guess he conceptualizes "hate blog" as a blog that defends against his kind of hate and his drumming up hatred for people he disapproves of.


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