Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hate for the South and Southerners

Flogger types and their followers express skepticism that there is hatred for the South and Southerners, but they willingly wear blinders. In almost any discussion of Confederate Anything on leftwing sites and blogs, you find sheer hatred in the comments, and frequently in the articles themselves. The two comments below are typical -- these are Facebook comments following a hate-filled opinion piece....
Of course you'd be from cracker land. I'll bet you're a devout christer too, aren't you? F--k off. Repeat your lies as much as you want, it'll do no good. Everyone knows, and agrees, what an absolute sh------e the deep south is. I'll never, ever, set forth south of Iowa, East of California. I'd rather go visit Servia or Croatia. So enjoy living in your disease infested colon lining. And by the way, we celebrate the birthday of the great hero, William Tecumseh Sherman every year. Fu--k off.

S---- H-------- has so eloquently put you in your place, but I want to add on that the southern economy was based on SLAVERY. You f--king southern whites will do anything to avoid taking responsibility for attempting, through ARMED CONFLICT, TO CONTINUE THE GREATEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY IN RECORDED HISTORY.

...If the North had lost, I wouldn't be writing this, so I'm going to forever be glad of that victory no matter the reason. People like you would prefer people like me to be enslaved with no rights and serving you. You sound like one of the Koch a--holes. You want me to shine your shoes for you? How about I dance a jig for you? Racist f--ker.

And of course you are in Florida. You probably voted for that dumb f--ker Penis Head for governor. Since you love the KKKonfederacy so much, why don't you move to Georgia, South Carolina or Mississippi which either have KKKonfederate flags on their state flags or display at ground level?
 Obviously, a lot of hatred for the South is rooted in current politics... Wonder what Andy Hall would say about that.  In any case, this sort of comment is extremely common following leftwing articles or opinions about the Civil War or the Confederacy.  So the floggers are wrong .... again.


  1. Hatred for the South and Southerners is deeply rooted in Northern culture. They're taught it in childhood and it's reinforced in school and by their media. In fact, it's the sole defining characteristic of what passes for culture up North. Northern school teachers and parents do their children a disservice. As these children, when grown, will invariably haf to move to Texas to get jobs. They also seem to have a sense of entitlement and a belief that rights and authority are their exclusive property.

  2. Fine examples of government school indoctrination

  3. Floggers are already trying to exploit the victims of the Charleston shootings.
    What's it been? About 12 hours?


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