Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Has the Virginia Division SCV Gone Psycho?

NOW we see why it's called the Virginia DIVISION...

The recent resolution of the Division's Executive Council is one of the most ham-fisted and puerile attempts at self-glorification and petty jealousy to come down the Southern heritage pike in ages. Looking at the pics of their officers on the Division website, you see mature males. But this resolution sounds like the work of a clique of high school girls who've  been shown up by a rival clique.

Yes, our movement, our Southern heritage community, is beset by squabbling, by turf wars, by my-way-or-the-highway thinking, but this resolution has to take the cake.

So you folks in the Virginia Division are part of a "gentleman's organization" charged with emulating the virtues of your forefathers? And  you conduct yourselves at all times as gentlemen? And you emulate the character and behavior of Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. Jackson, J. E. B. Stuart, et al.?

What a load of crap. Y'all don't throw your shoulders out of joint patting yourselves on your own backs. 

Tracy Clary, Commander, Va Division
Nice picture, Commander Clary -- General Lee would be sooooo proud.

So you condemn the actions of the Virginia Flaggers and the Mechanized Cavalry and call on them to cease and desist from all false, negative, petty, rude, damaging, and dishonorable public activities and pronouncements? I'll join you in your condemnation as soon as (1) you identify specifically the false, negative, petty, rude, damaging, and dishonorable public activities and pronouncements on the part of the Virginia Flaggers and (2) rescind your false, negative, petty, rude, damaging, and dishonorable resolution.

Cuz, see, I don't believe for a minute the Virginia Flaggers (especially Susan Hathaway, who apparently is especially being targeted by your pettiness) have done anything false, negative, petty, rude, or dishonorable -- and certainly nothing damaging to the Virginia Division SCV. Indeed, the only ones who CAN damage the reputation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Confederate Veterans themselves, are y'all.

Your resolution is laced with malice. Have you been taking the online Bash-the-Flaggers correspondance course from the Blue Ribbon Susan-basher, Brooks Simpson? Your malice, of course, is the outgrowth of jealousy, and the jealousy is caused by Flagger success.

While you gentlemen -- and I use that term loosely -- have been sitting around either (1) issuing useless resolutions and (2) doing little or nothing to honor and defend the Confederate soldier and his memory, the VaFlaggers have awakened a renewal of pride in Confederate heritage in people not just in Virginia but across the Confederacy.

What started as a spark -- one woman in Virginia willing to take up a flag and stand to honor the Confederate soldier in the face of those determined to dishonor him -- has inspired sparks of the same determination in people who were once cowed and silent. The sparks are now becoming brush fires, and as far as I can tell, the Virginia Division hasn't done a thing to help. And, in fact, has tried to hinder this awakening.

Too late, gentlemen -- and, again, I use that term loosely. You had your chance and you preferred to spend your time and effort tip-toeing around the the Commonwealth, striving to not offend those who would spit on Confederate graves, and, indeed, sucking up to people determined to dishonor the memory of our brave Confederate ancestors. So someone else has filled the vacuum, doing your job and doing it well.

It was bad enough when you did nothing -- just abrogated your responsibilities to your ancestors -- but when you actively attempt to cause division and strife, when you arrogantly behave as if others may honor their Confederate ancestors only with your permission and tutoring ... well, what that means is not just that you've rendered yourselves irrelevant -- you have joined the ranks of those who attack Confederate heritage and denigrate, harass and persecute those who defend the Confederate soldier.

Congratulations. You've made yourselves fit right in with the Topsy-turvy culture liberals have foisted off on us ....


  1. Appears that Mr. Clary has a bad case of envy. He as head of an organization charged with defending the honor and memory of Confederate soldiers has done nothing beyond eat and greets. It is my hope that your post will be read by the membership of that organization. God Bless the Flaggers and their works.

  2. re pic...

    Corey Meyer is head of the VA SCV?

  3. The Virginia Division and their teenage school-girl clique resolution is being applauded by Blue-Ribbon Flagger-Hater Brooks Simpson. What does THAT tell you?

  4. One thing I want to find out would be if this resolution was passed by the entire Virginia Division SCV itself, or by those who call themselves their leaders. I know a good many member of that division and none of them would have been onboard with condemning the efforts of those active in honorably defending Southern heritage...and the barbs, half-truths and bald-faced lies of the floggers aside, nobody has proven that the VA Flaggers have done anything to harm that defense, in either the short or long run.

    What I believe, based on what I have read and heard from various sources, is that this is a case of professional jealousy on the part of various leaders of the VA SCV because Susan and the others get things done and don't apologize for being who they are.

    1. Any person or organization willing to support the Cause by carrying our beloved flags and confronting heritage violations wherever they occur, should be embraced by all heritage organizations.

  5. I posted this, but can't find the resolution. Please give me the link. Thanks.


  7. Being a former member of the SCV, and presently a VA Flagger I guess I can give an opinion, The SCV is a very traditional operation, a lot of ceremony that seldom changes. The Flaggers are new to the scene and do not operate the way the SCV does.
    I think it's time the SCV accepted change, when you go to an SCV meeting you see a lot of gray, and I'm not talking uniforms.
    If the SCV refuses to change its methods to some extent, it will go the way of the Dodo Bird.


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