Monday, June 29, 2015

Pensacola News Journal Cartoonist, um, Editorial Writer Hears from Me

Comment I left yesterday ....

The Confederate flag as a symbol hasn't fallen. It was torn down in an epic display of exploitation and deliberate manipulation. Dylann Roof has emphatically NOT defined it once and for all, and the people saying so are attempting to characterize as evil-by-association an uncountable multitude of decent people who respect and honor this symbol of their heritage and region.

Fundamentally good human beings do not try to paint other good human beings with the evilization brush.

The collapse was swift because it was orchestrated, likely planned in advance, and just awaiting a trigger. That's how our cultural manipulators work.

And the resistance is forming up and taking shape. Already, defense of the flag from people like rocker Charlie Daniels to presidential candidate Jim Webb has circulated online and in social media. Parades, rallies, patrols to protect monuments from desecration and other displays of pride in heritage have appeared. One flag eraser, Apple, has already reversed its decision to remove an app that featured the flag. Expect more retailers to quietly return the flag to retail shelves and online sales outlets in the future.

The multitudes to come out in support of the flag since the manipulation began are not the usual Confederate heritage advocates. For the most part they are simply good, decent Southerners who have been silent for too long, fearing the false but powerfully damaging label, "Racist." Well, now that they are being equated with a mass murderer (by people like you), because he misused a symbol they do not misuse but honor for its genuine meaning, they have, frankly, had enough.

This is not over. It is far from over. Lord, forgive those attempting to drum up hatred and harm on the basis of false association and false interpretation of a symbol -- if and when they repent. They know exactly what they're doing


  1. Simple fact, Ms. Connie, the flag is the symbol of the Southern nation and people. No more, no less. Let the pundits and talking heads ponder that.

  2. Levin's complaining about a CBF placed at the 54th MA monument - but it wasn't damaged in any way and there's no spray paint.

    The Radical Left got this "War of the Monuments" (and flags) going. What did they expect would be the result? Idiots.


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