Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Brats Continue Tantrum at Ole Miss

Now the oh, so tolerant leftists want to impeach an ABS senator because he has a different view of the flag issue. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Take a good look at the true face, the true heart, of the left, which has been masquerading for decades behind "tolerance". Their aim, their purpose is to shut up and shut down anything they disagree with (which also explains the left's war on Confederate heritage -- particularly the academic left's war).

It's not enough for these people to say, "I disagree with you, and here's what I think/believe." Oh, no. What you believe must be silenced. Why? Because somebody might hear it and agree with it.

Another thing you won't hear from leftists students, academics, floggers, floggerettes and such folks ... once a watchword of US freedom of expression:

I disagree with what you say, but 
I defend to the death your right to say it.

They don't believe in this. They don't believe in your right to be different from them, to hold different viewpoints about the flag, history, homosexuality, abortion, Islam, terrorism, feminism or anything else, and especially to express those beliefs.

That is why they have spent decades stigmatizing different beliefs as "hate" and different expression as "hate speech" -- to stigmatize the person believing and expressing it in order to Shut. Them. Up.

I think they know their ideas are morally bankrupt, but they don't much care for morals, so ... who cares?  They know the ideas they wish to suppress are superior to their own -- that's part of why they hate them. They aren't "for blacks" so much as they hate whites. They aren't "for gays" so much as they hate Christians who disapprove of homosexuality.  The point is to poke those they hate in the eye and double them over with a kick to the guts.

To. Shut. Them. Up lest someone hear them ... and agree.

Think I'm wrong? That is exactly what this drive to impeach student senator Andrew Soper is. It is leftist intolerance showing its true colors, its dark underbelly.... 


  1. The thought that somebody like this petitioner would serve on a jury ought to strike terror in people's hearts. Ideology is not what results in the building of concentration camps -- this mentality is... this mentality of shutting up and getting rid of what and who you don't like or disagree with... It has no place in the USA, and yet it is taking over the country.

  2. The northern victory in 1865 silenced a discretely southern interpretation of American history and national identity, and it promoted a contemptuous dismissal of all things southern as nasty, racist, immoral, and intellectually inferior. The northern victory did carry out a much too belated abolition of slavery. But it also sanctified northern institutions and intentions, which included the unfettered expansion of a bourgeois world view and the suppression of alternate visions of social order. In consequence, from that day to this, the southern-conservative critique of modern gnosticism has
    been wrongly equated with racism and white supremacy.

    Rarely these days, even on southern campuses, is it possible to acknowledge the achievements of the white people of the South. The history of the Old South is now often taught at leading universities, when it is taught at all, as a prolonged guilt-trip, not to say a prologue to the history of Nazi Germany. Courses on the history of the modern South ignore an array of movements and individuals, including the Fugitive poets, the Agrarians, Richard Weaver, and such intellectually impressive successors as the late M.E. Bradford and
    those engaged in today's political and ideological wars. These nonpersons have nevertheless constituted a movement that, by any reasonable standard, ought to be acknowledged for its outstanding contributions to American social, political, and cultural thought.

    To speak positively of any part of this southern tradition is to invite charges of being a racist and an apologist for slavery and segregation. We are witnessing a cultural and political atrocity -- an increasingly successful campaign by the media and an academic elite to strip young white southerners, and arguably black southerners as well, of their heritage, and therefore, their identity. They are being taught to forget their forebears or to remember them with shame. Still, we may doubt that many young southerners believe that Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens, John C. Calhoun and James Henry Thornwell, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were other than honorable men. It is one thing to silence people, another to convince them. And to silence them on matters central to their self-respect and dignity is to play a dangerous game
    -- to build up in them harsh resentments that, sooner or later, are likely to explode and bring out their worst.

    Recall that great speech by Martin Luther King in which he evoked a vision of the descendants of slaves and slaveholders, sitting together on the hills of Georgia as southern brothers. That vision will be realized when, and only when, those descendants, black and white, can meet with mutual respect and appreciation for the greatness, as well as the evil, that has gone into the making of the South. Black Americans have good reason to protest vehemently against the disgraceful way in which their history has been taught or, worse, ignored, and to demand a record of the nobility and heroism of the
    black struggle for freedom and justice. But that record dare not include the falsification or obliteration of the noble and heroic features of the white South. To teach the one without the other is to invite deepening racial animosity and murderous conflict, not merely in the South but in the North. For it is worth noting that our most vicious urban explosions are occurring in the "progressive" North and on the West Coast, not in the "bigoted" and "reactionary" South.

    Eugene Genovese

    1. "To teach the one without the other is to invite deepening racial animosity and murderous conflict..."

      That describes the game of the leftist academics very well. "Racial animosity and murderous conflict." That's what they want. That's what they strive for.


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