Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some Southern Romance from the 1970s...

From 1976, to be exact. By Bruce Blackman of Greenville, Mississippi...aka "Starbuck"

"I'll take you on a trip beside the ocean
and drop the top at Chesapeake Bay..."

"...I'll play the radio on southern stations
'cause southern belles are hell at night
you say you came to Baltimore from Ole Miss
a class of '74 gold ring..."

I was living 700 miles inland in 1976, far from Dixie, far from saltwater -- bays, ocean, any of it. This song was sooo Suth'n, so romantic, and made me sooo homesick. Plus it has marimbas...I love marimbas! Couldn't wait for it to come on the radio...

Some interesting background info....

And a little anti-Southern hate from a different website's discussion of the tune: "Who would want to listen to a song with frequent mentions of the American South? Southerners have ugly accents and are usually fat, lazy alcoholics with nicotine addictions. Plus, this song is terrible." (Floggers say this kind of hatred of Southerners doesn't exist.)

Oh, well... enjoy the song. Dream of moonlight glittering across the Chesapeake...

(Note: at the Chattanooga link above, the live version from 2013 in Chastain Park, Atlanta, is fantastic. I don't usually like live versions, but this one is done right ... these ol' geezers still have it! And the video is worth watching if for no other reason than Bo Wagner's fantastic marimba solo.)

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