Thursday, October 15, 2015

Conspicuous Truth


  1. In some ways Roof resembles one of the two punks that I fought off with a baseball bat on August of last year. I don't know that one of them could have been, Roof's car is different than the one with the haters in it, but he is about the same age as the punks were.
    I still have the battle flag that I liberated that day. It flew at Soldiers graves for a month before I replaced it with a newer one. Still I kept it as a reminder of that day and what it means to fight against evil for a greater good for all.

  2. Whatever Roof may be or may not be, we are constantly admonished by our so called leader(s) not to judge Islam by the outrages of ISIS, al Queda, the domestic Muslim terrorists, etc. Yet, he and they turn about and condemn an entire region of people proud of their roots, heritage, ancestors by aligning them all with one person with an agenda. Hypocritical?

  3. "Hypocritical?"


    It's difficult to imagine anything more at odds with "progressive" ideology than the Muslim religion. So there must be some understanding that's neither written nor least not publicly.

    "You vote for us and you'll get all the freebies from government you want. We won't interfere with your religious practices - heck, we'll even accommodate you when and where we can...just don't interfere with our plans."


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