Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ole Miss NAACP planning for inclusion on campus

The University of Mississippi NAACP tells FOX13 getting the Mississippi state flag taken down is just part of a bigger plan they are working on for inclusion on campus.

The Ole Miss NAACP says next they want the monument to Confederate war dead removed from Lyceum Circle. The monument has the Confederate battle flag on it.

The NAACP also plans on calling for the renaming of several buildings on campus in the interest of diversity.


Removal is inclusion. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength....


  1. Inclusion and diversity. I don't believe for a minute those are the "goals." Erasing the Confederacy is the goal. They're having a high old time right now... I don't think it will last, because they just keep pushing and pushing, and sooner or later, everyone will see the hate behind the erasures....

  2. The "Change the Flag" movement is noisy and have many media supporters (which include some newspapers owned by outside interests)...but do they have the numbers? A recent demonstration in Jackson, MS, -complete with printed signs, T-Shirts, and speakers from out of state- drew a bit more than 100 people. The black population in the Jackson metro area is about 250,000. Not much interest among the rank and file.

  3. The folks that want to change the flag don't care about the black people of Mississippi. All they care about is giving their political enemies a poke in the eye.


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