Saturday, October 31, 2015

Master-level Busybody

So Kevin Levin gets on his blog and tells Southern Miss what it should do.

TELLS Southern Miss what it SHOULD do.

He's secondguessing the President of Southern Miss, Rodney Bennett, suggesting that Bennett doesn't want to get specific about what makes the current state flag "objectionable" (race, race, race, race, race, race, of course) on account of  'cause he's African American.

(And yes, I put that term in quote marks because I don't believe the state flag of Mississippi is at all objectionable.)

So then Leo from Mississippi, who has lobbed quite a bit of criticism at me from Simpson's XRoads hate blog, snarls at Levin for criticizing Bennett:
"Your criticism of the USM president is unwarranted. He took action and it is well received by those of us here working to heal our state and for a new flag."
Levin replies:
"It’s not really a criticism as much as it is a question of why a more explicit statement was not issued. I agree with the decision, but I also believe that it is important to be transparent given that this was the work of one individual and not a response to a more widespread campus vote."
Leo responds,
"It sure reads like a criticism to me. He took a stand and that’s enough for the people on the ground here in Mississippi engaged in this issue. If anyone here deserves to be called out, it is Governor Bryant."
And then we have this snappy comeback from Levin:
"Since when do you speak for all Mississippians?"
LOL! Since when do you, Levin? Since when do you have the authority to TELL Southern Miss what it SHOULD do? At least Leo lives in Mississippi ... you're in Massa-flippin'-chusetts.

I have an idea. Why don't you mind your own freakin' business, Levin?


  1. The observation of Daniel Harvey Hill is still hust as applicable now as then --

    "A meddling Yankee troubles himself about every body's matters except his own and repents of everybody's sins except his own"

  2. Bennett could be like Leo of Miss. mis-informed and no backbone.


    1. He's just jumping on the change-the-flag bandwagon.

    2. True, but at least he could have made something of a show!!!


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