Monday, October 12, 2015

Confederate Flag "Gang" Indicted for Terrorism

Link to CBS News:

 Ga. Confederate flag supporters face terrorism charges 

From what I've been able to determine thus far, I think the term "terrorism" is overkill. If the indictment accusations prove out, however, then these people should be charged, tried and punished accordingly.

That said, I will need a whole lot more proof of "terrorism," for what, right now, looks like disorderly conduct.  Will look for the text of the indictment and read it as soon as I get some time, hopefully later tonight. Also looking forward to a trial to find out what really happened, if it's possible to do so.

Nevertheless, if true, these guys need the book thrown at them; also need some lessons about showing proper respect for the flags of our Confederate ancestors...


  1. I recall when this incident happened, the official story is that one of the trucks with the convoy of flaggers needed to pull over to fix a flat tire at a small public park near the home where the birthday party was happening in the front yard. The tire iron came out only to fix a tire, not to actually intimidate anyone.

    From all that I learned of the incident at the time, it was the people at the birthday party who were shouting slurs and insults at these people, presuming that the drive-by (the house is between the main road and the park where the flaggers pulled over) was intended to be an act of deliberate intimidation.

    Now if there were in fact weapons brandished - by either party - those people need to be punished. If any of those flaggers did anything dishonorable, they should indeed be punished not just for disgracing our heritage, but for their crude and obscene behavior. One doesn't have to sink to the level of those seeking to intimidate them, its always best to take the moral high ground.

  2. Yes. I need to know a lot more about this ... the make up of the grand jury .. the wording of the indictments... The news report doesn't tell you that.

  3. The indictment is pretty useless also --

  4. The SPLC is behind this. That makes it a LOT more suspect. Mo Deezzzz has a history of suborning perjury and cannot be trusted. Still, I want to know a lot more; until I find out something substantial, I will stick to the likelihood that it's disorderly conduct being stretched beyond belief to become "terrorism."


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