Monday, November 30, 2015

Floggers as Haters: Brooks Simpson and De'Stroy

(who is such a coward he has to hide in anonymity).   

Setting Simpson straight on his recent blog post that's breathtaking in its lies, distortion and animosity. Says Simpson:

Courtesy of Restoring the Honor, we have yet more evidence of the degree to which the Virginia Flaggers embrace haters in their quest to promote Confederate heritage.

No, you have distortions and lies of your own making. De'Stroy at that blog is as vicious a hater as you, and thus cannot be given any credence -- just like you can't.  You need to retire that term "embrace" because your use of it is a blatant lie.

Like its blogger, "Restoring the Honor" blog is anonymous and thus cannot be given credence. If we don't know who is writing the blog, suspicion of the blogger's motives (and veracity) is legitimate and understandable. Otherwise, why the need to hide his identity?

And then there is the webmaster of the Virginia Flaggers, Connie Chastain, who decided to go on a rant ridiculing people with speech defects. When called on this on Twitter, Chastain continued to make fun of such people.

I wasn't making fun of such people. Maybe if you did such a thing, it would be making fun -- you have long exhibited a love of ridiculing people -- so that's why you assume the same about me. But, frankly, I believe you interpreted that way because you're a hater.

I was called on it by you, but, see, you have no moral authority for calling me or anybody on anything. (1) You ridicule and name-call people that you imply are mentally impaired. (2) You are likely the person who posted fraudulent negative reviews of my books on Amazon intending to hurt me by hurting the sales of my novels, because you seem to enjoy hurting people you don't like. (3) This is seen most clearly in the way you have lied about, harassed and persecuted the Virginia Flaggers almost since the day they were formed. (4) You have done your best to drum up hatred in others for the Flaggers, and (5) it is not out of the realm of possibility that you are pushing some unstable character closer and closer to attempting real harm against the Flaggers. All this makes you totally unfit as any kind of moral judge.

Just pathetic … and of course she shared her tweets with Virginia Flagger leader Susan Frise Hathaway, who just told us what an innocent victim she is.

Total lie, the worst lie of your post, because your hate for Susan is your biggest hate. Susan didn't tell what an innocent victim she is. She was answering inquiries from people who are concerned about her, thanks to the likes of you who constantly, many times every month, for YEARS, have posted lies and distortions about her designed to engender in others the same hate YOU have for her. Although WHY is the biggest mystery. She has never done anything to you.

There’s something twisted and sick about Cash and Chastain … and about the organization that embraces them. Then again, Chastain charges that to highlight the lack of logic in her posts is to accuse her of mental disability.

But the "highlighting" was done by you, and the "lack of logic" was yours, not mine, and it was deliberate, written solely to smear me. Your blog writing  (and maybe other writing by you) is dirty-trickster writing, a leftist ability that people with decent minds don't relate to.

Wow. Nor was she adverse to posting pictures of herself using a walker (as well as the walker standing by itself) as well as sharing her own health problems on her hate blog.

So? You're going to try to drum up hate about THAT? Nobody asked you to to view those pictures; you visit heritage sites, blogs and FB pages solely for the purpose of looking for things you can lie about, ridicule and use in drumming up hate.

I guess she wanted us to feel sorry for her.

I don't want you to feel anything about me, Simpson. In fact, your attention and the feelings you betray in your writing are starting to get creepy, and worse than creepy....stalkerish. Unstable. Flaky.... Please, don't feel anything about me....

But these rants suggest that she doesn’t care about mocking people with speech impediments. How sad.

They suggest no such thing. That is a point you are trying to make, sure, but it isn't true. Mocking implies trying to hurt somebody with derision, contempt or scorn (you know, the way you do it). My written "lisp" in no way implies derision, contempt or scorn. But you have those motives constantly in your mind and your heart, and they evidently shape your perception -- they're like glasses you look through, so you see them even where they don't exist, in people who don't possess them.

Of course, Chastain hates a lot of things, so this really should surprise us. She also defends haters and claims they aren’t haters … like antisemites.

I have not defended antisemites anywhere. I simply once pointed out that a statement (not a person, a statement) described as antisemitic wasn't antisemitic. But it's typical of you to lie about things like that.

But it amazed me to see the voice of Virginia Flagger intolerance (also known as Hathaway’s heavy hitter) take on new targets.

I'm not the voice of the Virginia Flaggers and you know it, so you are purposely lying. The Virginia Flaggers are not intolerant, and you know it, so you are purposely lying. I have no targets, old or new. The closest thing I have to a target is a shield -- but it is defensive, not offensive -- designed to defend, as much as possible, from your constant targeting of people who haven't done a thing to you and don't deserve your hateful attention and treatment.

With supporters like these, Confederate heritage is in trouble.

Baloney. Confederate heritage is fine. The trouble resides totally in your wishful thinking and your attempts to smear.

It’s hard to claim that you’re all about “heritage not hate” when your ranks are filled with haters who simply cannot restrain themselves when it comes to expressing their hate.

Although hate is not a part of my heritage, I do not use that term "heritage not hate" and never have because to do so would seem to legitimize the accusations of hate made by people like you, and I won't do that -- because the accusations are not only wrong, they are intended to cause harm to innocent people.

The ranks of Confederate heritage are not filled with haters. The number of actual haters is very small; as a percentage, probably no more than you'd find in the general population, including heritage-hating floggers and their floggerettes... the rest of the "haters" are made up, fabricated.

Besides, the few examples of "expressions of hate" you've cited are simply a drop in the bucket compared to your expressions of hate ... your whole blog is about hate for Confederate heritage and those who support it, but especially the Virginia Flaggers.

What a bitter bunch of losers.

Says the man who has done his best to engender hatred for this "bunch" for four years.

Haters gotta hate, I guess …

As you unmistakably, repeatedly and constantly demonstrate.

...and the Virginia Flaggers embrace haters to carry forth their message. No wonder people think it’s a message of hate. 

Only people who already hate them think it's a message of hate. Only people trying to create hatred for the VaFlaggers, destroy their organization, and perhaps even bring harm to individual members think it's a message of hate.


  1. Makes one wonder if Simpson and De'Story are not one and the same.

  2. Could be, but I'm doubtful. People write with a voice, and their voices seem distinct to me.

    1. De'Stroy is an Anonymous blogger, which means that it is effectively nobody. Just a collection of incoherent rants and hate ideology put down on a blog with no real author. No author, no real identity. Hence Nobody.

    2. Even less than incoherent rants, Carl. Most of his blog entries are screen captures of Facebook posts and comments, and although he sometimes posts several paragraphs with the screenshots, most of his commentary comprises one or two lines -- not really enough to make a rant.

    3. I will take your word for it, I've never actually gone over to that particular blog. I have an issue with subjecting myself to those kinds of assaults on my intellect and common sense. The process of lowering my IQ in order to come down to the level of the floggers is way too tiresome. I give you props Connie for actually doing so and coming back sane.

  3. Over at Thimpthon's flog, somebody named Bob Carey left this comment:

    "Dr. Simpson; I just read Chastain’s latest post, boy did you strike a nerve. My only question for her is that if she wasn’t trying to ridicule people with speech defects,what was she trying to do. Maybe she was attempting to demonstrate her keyboard prowess by substituting th for s."

    If he read my blog entry, one must wonder how he missed this:

    "Mocking implies trying to hurt somebody with derision, contempt or scorn (you know, the way you do it). My written "lisp" in no way implies derision, contempt or scorn. But you have those motives constantly in your mind and your heart, and they evidently shape your perception -- they're like glasses you look through, so you see them even where they don't exist, in people who don't possess them."

    That makes it clear, Mr. Carey, that I was imitating a lisp, for which gives this as one definition: " speak imperfectly, especially in a childish manner..." Imitation, BTW, doesn't necessarily mean ridicule. I'm certain Thimpthon knows this. I suspect Mr. Carey does, too.

    If you look at the original subject of the blog entry dated Nov 27, you see "Thimpton's Jealuth." The subject is written in a childish manner to convey my observation that Thimpthon can be very childish in his expressions of contempt for the Virginia Flaggers.

    He compounded his childishness by sending out a series of tweets claiming I was ridiculing people who have a speech defect. Silly man, I wasn't ridiculing them. I was conveying my observation that his harassment of the Virginia Flaggers can be very petty and childish.

    So, Mr. Carey, does that answer your question?

  4. ----- and all this time I thought you were imitating Daffy Duck, Somehow this is worse than Simpson making fun of another persons heritage or spewing out his hate????

    Give me a break!!!!



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