Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cheering the Death of US Soldiers?

From our newest flogger:
I point this out not only to point out the massive historical ignorance of TGTKOG* but also to point out how they are oh, so outraged (even if they can’t spell “outrageous”) because of a banner on the base of a statue, but they have no problems, and indeed like the idea of someone cheering about the deaths of United States soldiers.

... this crowd** ... cheers the deaths of United States soldiers ...

... they** are exalting over dead United States soldiers ...

~Al Mackey

*The Gift That Keeps On Giving, e.g., a derogatory name for the Southern Heritage Preservation Group on Facebook ripped off from TLTKOL (The Liar That Keeps On Lyin')
**"Neo-Confederates, Southern heritage defenders and advocates

What I find just fascinating about these floggers -- well, one of the things -- is their fundamental dishonesty. So Mackey finds a post and thread at the SHPG that indicates some of the commenters may not know that the equestrian statue in New Orleans -- the one in park in front of St. Louis Cathedral and Cabildo and between the Pontalba Buildings -- yes, that park, Jackson Square -- depicts Andrew Jackson.

He calls this (eight comments and eight "likes") "massive ignorance" -- and uses it to bring up -- yet again --  the false claim that "...they have no problems, and indeed like the idea of someone cheering about the deaths of United States soldiers."

First, nobody has cheered the deaths of United States soldiers, except for those in the yankee army who came south, killed Southerners, literally devastated their land, and paved the way for social and economic oppression of the region by private northern industry (enabled by the feds) for generations afterward.

Here's a discussion of  the post they misconstrue in order to make that scurrilous claim:

Another example of the fundamental dishonesty -- some of it just downright petty, such as calling attention to one example of a misspelled word by Robert Mestas. Obviously, the problem is not misspelling. The problem is people he doesn't like doing it. How do I know?  Well, he ignores the massive and repeated misspellings, bad grammar and punctuation errors by his fellow flogger, Corey Meyer.  From Corey on his blog: "my schools website ... You its funny ... If there was every any doubt ... I find it very interesting to here group/people like you talk..."  -- and that's just from one comment thread.]

But back to the "cheering the deaths of U.S. soldiers' falsehood....

So the floggers focus on, and misconstrue one post by David Tatum, and completely ignore this post by Georgia Flagger Billy Bearden:
Exactly 1 month before his 20th Birthday, 70 years ago this month my Father enlisted in the US Army on January 15th, 1943. Dad would eventually give 48 & 1/2 years of his life to the military, which included WW2, Korea and Viet Nam. He and Mother are buried in Arlington National Cemetery
Does that sound like cheering to you?  No? Note that Billy's post got  55 likes and 16 very positive comments.

Also note that Robert Mestas, who made the post about the sign in Jackson Square, was a U.S. Marine intelligence clerk and administrative chief of a Company HQ from 1971 to 1973.  If cheering the death of US soldiers is "no problem" one has to wonder why Robert didn't cheer -- while shooting himself back then.

How come Patrick Fogerty, or Bill Dennison, or Bobby Edwards, or Gary Adams or countless other Southern patriots who served in Vietnam didn't do the same thing? Why does Bobby's photo albums so reverently pay homage to his US SOLDIER buddies in Vietnam? How can he commemorate their passing today, from Agent Orange-related cancer -- while simultaneously cheering it?

Why does Virginia Flagger Susan Friese Hathaway proudly post a photo of her great uncles who, as US SOLDIERS, served in WWII, with comments identifying their branches and location of service?

This is cheering the deaths of US soldiers?

Here's an essay I wrote for The False Rape Society in October 2010 about my uncle,  SSgt Berthold Chastain, who went missing in the Pacific on October 27, 1943. I invite you to read it and see if you can find any cheering....

Floggers gotta flog, liars gotta lie...

Elsewhere in the Floggo-sphere....

January 29, 2013
"...we will return to Chastain-free programming, so don’t worry." 
~Brooks Simpson

February 2, 2013
"In the latest Chastain spin cycle,we learn this..."
~Brooks Simpson

Apparenly, he hasn't returned to Chastain-free programming yet...


Corey posts on his flog a video of Glenn Beck and David Barton, with a post title indicating he's not cool with people reviewing a movie they haven't seen. I know what you mean, Corey. Brooks Simpson has made numerous derogatory posts at Crossroads about my novels, which he hasn't read; and now the Foskett-bot is getting in on the act, denigrating a novella of mine he couldn't possibly have read because not only is it not published yet -- it's not written yet. Only the first two chapters of the first draft have been written ...

But, see, the floggers and their bots ... they're only concerned about accurate history and correcting historical error, right? (Smirk,)

(For the curious, Love at Lake Lucy, the novella the Foskett-bot was so derisive of, is about an NFL quarterback, an honest and upright man, who retires early -- real early, at the peak of his career --  because he's being pressured by his team's management to cheat and lose games for gambling purposes.  He has no objective proof, so can't go to the authorities, and there have been hints of threats to his parents and siblings back in North Carolina if he does. At a lakeside campground in Georgia, he meets a woman with a young son who was born out of wedlock. He and the woman fall in love and marry, he adopts the boy, and they become a family.)


  1. Yep I posted a wrong picture, and the yapping little dogs were on me.

    Too busy yapping and nipping to notice a post I made a short time back--

  2. OH you wanna see my opinion of American Service men and women ?

  3. Truly these Floggers are the real Gift That Keeps On Giving. :)

  4. David,

    What does not supporting modern day secession have to do with you champion rebels who killed American soldiers?

  5. Corey, Confederates were American soldiers, too. Here, lemme show you. Fill in the blank: Confederate States of _______. I'll give you a hint; it starts and ends with "A" and it ain't Antarctica. As I have explained, and as you're pretending to be too obtuse to understand, heritage folks have respect for U.S. soldiers except those in the union army who made barbaric war on the South. Capisce now?

  6. Sorry...United States Soldiers...and they didn't make war on the south...the south brought that on themselves through secession and Ft. Sumter...

  7. Corey
    Try to keep up. The yapping little dogs at Crossroads were saying I disrespected soldiers who fought after the WBTS !
    I posted the wrong picture!
    My post about modern day secession
    mentions that it would be a slap in the face to modern day American soldiers !
    I used to think you were "playing" stupid, I was wrong won't I ?

  8. Yes, the union army made war on the South. What do you think they were doing down here, eating barbecue and drinkin' sweet tea? The were MAKING WAR on the South and Southerners because the northern states knew they could not make it as a nation on their on, without Dixie.


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