Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tiptoeing Through the Floggosphere (and Facebook)

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Some lover of history over at Simpson's Love-History Crossroads blog, leaves this comment, showing his great expertise in history, and his love of it: 

R E Watson
A classic Connie quote: “I dunno, Corey. I don’t know any Southern heritage nuts.” Quite a statement coming from the head pecan !


I wasn't born a Redneck, but I like to think I've evolved into one. ~Carter Lewis via Facebook.

Look who's cheering the death of an ex-Navy Seal -- it ain't "neo-Confederates."   Waiting for great gusts of indignation from the floggosphere blasting toward these left-lib tweeters.  If it doesn't come, we'll know that "cheering the death of US soldiers" doesn't really bother them -- that it's a fabrication, an excuse to bloviate their hatred of Southern heritage.


When confronted with the self-proclaimed declaration of Julia Ward Howe that she and her fellow aboes wanted to "blow up the union" Al Mackey explained that what she really wanted was for the "pieces" of the union blown to smithereens to somehow fall back to together and reassemble themselves exactly as before, but minus slavery. (Smirk.) 
He didn't say how he knew that. He cited none of her writings. I told him there's nothing to that effect in the chapter of A Trip to Cuba where she declared it in writing. Maybe he held a seance and she told him?  Maybe he consulted a crystal ball?  Or perhaps he threw some chicken bones, or called Miss Cleo....
In any case, has ANYbody ever seen ANYthing blown to bits behave that way?  Every piece of debris, every splinter, every particle of dust ... just ... float back together and reassemble themselves exactly as before, but with some undesirable component missing? What a way to remodel and modernize your home, huh?  Just blow the sucker up and watch it reassemble itself minus the 1950s knotty pine paneling and asbestos floor tile in the family room...  Talk about a new twist on flippin' a house...
Over the past few days, I've tiptoed through the Floggosphere to sample the devotion to history and historical accuracy held by the Flogging Bloggers and their comment-thread followers.  Here are just a few comments demonstrating their great knowledge of and devotion to accurate and truthful civil war history:
These people at “the gift” take the phrase “dumber than dirt” to new heights!
The rampant idiocy here is beyond comprehension :-(
Connie loves heritage and fiction. Indeed, she can’t tell them apart.
Does he wear his dime-store Confederate uniform to work? Does he take it off when he showers?

Connie finds actual history a bit too challenging, which is why she prefers fiction.
Your assumption that she knows Mitchell’s book is a work of fiction might be a bit optimistic.

Well this war dog feels like cocking a leg and letting fly in their direction.

Connie speculates about other people because she would like to distract us from her lily-white world …

… but at the moment she’s red-faced with rage as she sputters away on her blog. And that’s where I think we should leave her.
And last but not least, look at how Brooks D. Simpson, professor of history at Arizona State University, emphasizes accurate history AND demonstrates his veneration of it:
Let’s just say that I understand from various folks that she’s [Connie] deeply troubled woman who is quite fixated on certain issues and people.

Images: Tile paneling and Howe images from the public domain. Other graphics by C. Ward


  1. Does Simpleton (er, I mean Simpson) and company truly realize just how petty and bitter they come off to the casual reader of their blogs?

  2. I think that generally there are no casual readers, only that little girl clique.

  3. I posted or reposted a picture of Kyle and said what a sad way for an American Hero to die.

    So there.

  4. I'm nobody! Who are you?
    Are you nobody, too?
    Then there's a pair of us
    Don't tell—they'd banish us, you know.

    How dreary to be somebody!
    How public—like a frog—
    To tell your name the livelong day
    To an admiring bog!

    (Emily Dickinson)

  5. Sort of like Corey, I am working on a post about the shooting range incident involving mental care for veterans, gun control and remembering Kyle.


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