Sunday, February 10, 2013

We Didn't Start the Fire


Brad Griffin's methodology for lying (not unlike Brooks Simpson's) is on display at his blog. After I specifically requested, twice, that Griffin not post about me on his blog, or link to Backsass, he insists on doing so. One wonders why he thinks my little blog is worthy of that sort of attack and promotion. I suspect he is still PO'd  -- and continuing to throw a really long tantrum -- because I wouldn't approve his membership request in one of my Facebook groups. In his own way, he's as small and petty as Simpson.  Both Griffin and the floggers are self-appointed thought cops who believe everyone should be bullied into seeing things their way.

In any case, in a comment following his latest post about me, he writes,
Before she was banned from the LoS Facebook group, Chastain went into a long rant about “shacks and hovels” in Fort Deposit in Lowndes County that haven’t existed in decades. The brain tend to ossify once it reaches a certain age.

That deliberately doesn't tell you what my purpose was in bringing up those past living conditions in that place, although I made it clear in my Facebook comment. Anybody with average reading comprehension skills could understand my purpose, and how my questions about the subject related to the future.  So the comment pasted above is deliberate deceitfulness on Griffin's part; and his comments in the thread that resulted from my question were chock full of the same kind of lies. The brain of habitual liars renders them unwilling to distinguish truth from falsehood, so that nothing they say can be trusted.


Brad "Hunter Wallace" Griffin says, 
"The Rainbow Confederates who “strongly disagree” with “official government segregation or any other kind of oppression” are responsible for creating the cultural conditions that empowered the blacks who have since gratefully returned the favor by using their political power to displace Whites in literally every major Southern metro area (most spectacularly in Memphis and Birmingham) and to attack Confederate symbolism from one end of the South to the other."
That, of course, is not true. First, there's no such thing as Rainbow Confederates and second, the cultural conditions that empowered blacks to attack Confederate symbolism were not created by disagreeing with official government oppression.

If Griffin's very simplistic view of causes and effects ("Baby Boomers done it!") is very widespread among Millennials, that means they are far less capable of preserving Southern heritage than the Baby Boomers he decries. In fact,he is so obsessed with one thing -- it apparently defines the whole world and all of existence for him --  he seems absolutely clueless about what heritage preservation (and restoration) will require. Fortunately, I don't think his myopic and clueless views are all that prevalent among Generation Y, so there's hope yet.

I have requested a second time that he refrain from linking to my blog or mentioning me in his blog. I don't expect he will honor my request. I know better than to expect dishonorable people to behave honorably....  Regardless, I don't have time to mess with him anymore. I'm busy.


  1. Frankly Connie I do not know how you can lower yourself to read those blogs, or even try to dumb your IQ down enough to try and understand PC Fascist ideology. I've tried and all I have to show for it are chronic headaches and several cases of diarrhea. I only read them when I need to cure constipation.

  2. I don't read Brad "Hunter Wallace" Griffin's blog unless I have an indicator he has written/posted something about me.

    As for the floggers, I don't read their "history" posts and comments. It appears to be the Northern whitewash that has been the status quo rendition of history since the war.

    I am interested solely in their attacks on Southern heritage and its activists and advocates, and on their efforts to evilize Southerner whites, past and present.


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