Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh, Crap. Not Again....

So I'm checking my visitor log today and I see hits to my Memphis post from both Crossroads and Occidental Dissent. 

I don't like visiting Occidental Dissent, and almost never do.  I always feel like I need a shower afterward. However, if Brad "Hunter Wallace/Fade The Butcher/Prozium/Feyd Harkonnen/NjEcTiOn" Griffin is linking to my blog, I want to know what he's saying about me, so I had to hold my nose and stop by.

I found this in his post on the Memphis park name changes:
Having went (sic) out in search of reaction from the Rainbows, I see that even Connie Chastain is starting to realize that these people are anti-Southern and anti-White and that the “Civil Rights Movement” was about “tearing down the white man’s world.” Perhaps this episode will stimulate racial and ethnic consciousness among SCV types?
Well, I've never NOT known that for some people, the the civil rights movement was an opportunity to do what they'd always wanted -- to get rid of what was already there and replace it with something else. The difference between Brad Griffin/Hunter Wallace and myself -- well, one of the differences -- is who we identify as "these people/some people."

For him, they're black people.  For me, they're leftist leaders and culture changers -- people who either helped to create or used the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, the gay movement, the anti-war left, the radical environmentalists, in the war against the existing culture -- such people as Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and his terrorist bunch, the neo-Marxists of the Frankfurt School, (Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, among others), Betty Freidan, Gloria Steinem, Students for a Democratic Society, Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, Angela Davis, Susan Sontag and countless others.

Wallace/Griffin believes I'm only just now "starting to realize" certain realities about the left because he believed his own lies about me that he has espoused on his blog, Facebook and who knows where else.

He calls me a "Rainbow Confederate" because I strongly disagree with the notion of official government segregation or any other kind of oppression, of blacks (or anyone else) in an independent South.

But because I believe government forced segregation/oppression was/is/would be wrong does not mean I approve of the the civil rights movement as it was orchestrated by leftist leaders and culture changers. Because not only was its purpose to tear down the existing culture, which was perceived as the white man's world -- it was also horribly damaging for blacks.

You can read about the untold damage the left has done to the black community here: LEFT'S WAR ON MINORITIES, THE POOR, & WORKING AMERICANS

Griffin, please, don't link to my blog anymore. I don't suppose you'll honor that request, but I had to make it.

As for Simpson, I don't believe for a New York minute that he believes the lies he tells about me. He knows he's lying and he does it anyway. Here's a sampler from his blog:
Some people are all about heritage, which, as Connie freely admits, she shapes to serve her own personal agenda.

Rather, as she now freely admits, for her it’s a process of picking and choosing what one wants to “honor” ...

Connie freely admits that she could care less about [historical accuracy].

The only “color” in Connie's rainbow is white.

Now continue your stalking (which you admit doing on your blog).

Apparently segregation (or outright exclusion) reigns supreme in her fictional world, too.

Connie speculates about other people because she would like to distract us from her lily-white world 

... she’s a deeply troubled woman who is quite fixated on certain issues and people.
When Simpson writes that somebody "freely admits" something, don't be surprised if a lie follows.  Sentences he begins with "After all..." or "In other words..." are also likely to be, or contain, lies. I have never admitted, freely or otherwise, what he claims I've admitted. These are baldfaced (no pun intended) lies. Anybody is welcomed to try to find such admissions, but I'll tell you right now, you won't find them, because they don't exist, and never have.

Of course, to put it it all in perspective -- it is no doubt best to be caught between these two extremist liars -- I sure wouldn't want to be on the same side with either one of them.


  1. Simpson should be a used car salesman ! Or Politician.
    Oh ! No ! That gives me an Idea !

  2. And a dandy idea it is, too, David -- and well executed!

  3. " I got a 65 Lincoln for sale with flow through ventilation"

  4. "I got a 65 Lincoln for sale with flow through ventilation"

    LOL!!! Oh you bad boy! You are gonna get HAMMERED!! It'll make the headstone photo hissyfit look like a ladies' afternoon social....

  5. Hey, 800pound_elephant, do you recognize the models?


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