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More on Memphis

--Levin On Memphis--

Kevin Levin writes about Lee Millar re: the Memphis situation:  
It comes down to this: Southern heritage advocates are their own worst enemies.  We can see this clearly at work in last night’s decision on the part of the Memphis City Council to change the names of three parks named in honor of the Confederacy.  Forrest Park is at center stage.  In an interview with a local news reporter, Lee Millar of the Sons of Confederate Veterans had this to say in defense of Forrest:
Forrest was known as a very humane slave trader…. He never split families.
That, my friends, is a morally bankrupt position.  What I find truly startling, however, is that anyone would go ahead and actually make this point on television for public consumption.  Millar certainly deserves some kind of award.  At least H.K. Edgerton decided to leave the costume at home.  Their only hope last night was that the state government would step in with legislation that would make it illegal to change the names of parks named after military leaders.  You gotta love the irony in that.  :-)
Regardless of whether they like it or not, it’s time for Confederate heritage advocates to adopt a new strategy.  No one should have been surprised by the council’s decision, least of all the SCV.  They should have from the beginning jumped on board with a name change that added Ida B. Wells to the park.  Now they stand to lose Forrest completely from the landscape.
And when you say idiotic things about “human slave traders” you deserve to lose it all.
No,  that is NOT what it "comes down to."  And what people "deserve" is not Levin's judgment to make. At best, it is his opinion, and there are lots of people with other opinions about it. But that is how these floggers showcase themselves -- as the arbiters of Southern heritage. They. Are. Not.

Who is surprised by the city council's decision? As I've noted before, this campaign to cleanse the landscape of reminders of the Confederacy has been underway for over a decade. We know about it, Levin, probably better than  you do. We know.
Levin's entire post -- his entire approach -- is infused with odious arrogance, just as all the floggers' posts and approaches are. Whether they like it or not, it's time for floggers to can the arrogance, admit that their opinions are just opinions, and to acknowledge that other people's different opinions are just as valid as theirs.

The Flogger Approach:
 Southern Slavery = the Worst Evil In Human History

Here's the flogger approach: In the politically correct former USA, it is implied that the most evil thing that ever happened in human history was Southern slavery -- particularly during the four years the Confederacy existed. School children are indoctrinated with this view. The indoctrination continues in college. It is presented by government, business and industry, Hollywood and the rest of the popular culture, and flogger blogs. Only the Nazi holocaust is allowed to compete with "Confederate slavery" as humankind's worst evil.

The highly duped are all, like, "Yeah, yeah!" in their enthusiasm for that view. But they are likely leftist innocents who don't realize the scope or depth of human evil and the horrors and misery it has caused throughout history (because a lot of it was the result of leftist governments, and that's not acknowledged by the left).

There are things going on right now around the world -- and things that happened throughout the 20th Century -- that makes Southern slavery look like peace, light and goodness by comparison. Some of them are perpetrated by the US government -- an entity whose level of corruption and evil could not begin to even remotely be approached by the Confederate government or its citizens. But this must never, ever be acknowledged by floggers.

There is a picture you sometimes see online of a
man being tortured -- strapped down, sur-
rounded by his tormenters, screaming in agony. It is absolutely haunting in its horror. Not long ago, I saw it wrongly identified as Ambassador Chris Stevens being tortured by Libyans or Al Qaeda or somebody. In fact, it is a photo of torture during Argentina's "Dirty War" from 1976 to 1983 by that country's military dic-
tatorship against suspected political opponents
-- torture that was assisted by the CIA.

Apparently, the US government has never objected much to the torture of its enemies, as Confederate POWs in yankee hell-hole prison camps knew all too well.  The victims in Argentina were identified as enemies, too -- "left-wingers," "communists" -- although it's likely that most were innocent citizens. I abhor communism,  but that doesn't mean I approve of torturing communists -- or anyone else.

Others of us who know about Stalin's purges, the Khmer Rouge's killing fields, Mao's millions of dead, and on and on and on -- well, I won't say we're jaded, exactly. But we know that the presentation of Southern slavery as mankind's most awful sin simply isn't true....

But you will never see floggers acknowledge this kind of evil and horror because it would take something away from their depiction of Confederate slavery as humanity's worst sin (and Southern slaveholders as humanity's worst sinners)...  Perhaps the excuse is that these other examples of evil and horror aren't civil-war related -- but that's why flogger blogs are "memory" and "era" and "other stuff" blogs, so floggers will have a much broader choice of historic material with which to evilize those they wish to evlize, rather than limit themselves to the civil war. And the only folks they wish to evilize are white Southerners, past and present.

We see through the transparent attempts to palm off that meme onto us -- and we see through the transparent people trying to do it....  
--Mackey on Memphis--
Oh, Gee, What a Surprise–Not
The Gift That Keeps On Giving is predictably upset about the Memphis City Council’s move to change the names of three parks.  Story here.
There’s nothing worthy of note there, but there is in the nature of some of the reactions–at least this one.
What makes this worthy of note is the link at the posting.  So far I’ve seen no one there protest it.  It’s a link to a site called “Southern Nationalist Network."
Let’s take a look at some items in the article.
“It should be noted that Memphis’s population is now 62% Black and less than 30% White.”  –  Why should we note that?
It always amazes me how willing floggers are to assassinate their own brains -- to play dumb -- in order to portray somebody else "racist." Why should we note that? Well, duh, Mackey. Because politicians in this country, from border to border and coast to coast, at all levels, are eaten up with obsession about race, racial demographics, racial issues, racial concerns, and how they may be exploited politically ... didn't you pay any attention to the recent presidential campaign and election?  Racial minority groups are voting blocs to these leeches -- someone to appease with legislation in exchange for votes, election and/or re-election.
“'New South’ democracy and equality mean that Southern heroes are cast aside while people (such as those who staff the local government) with no regard for the historic Southern identity and culture of the city are allowed to push their anti-Southern and anti-White agenda.” — So then anyone who isn’t a confederate can’t possibly be a “southern hero,” and anyone who’s not white is by definition “anti-South.”  I guess to these folks there can’t be any southerners who are of any race but Caucasians.  Interesting.
I don't always agree with Michael Cushman at the Southern Nationalist Network, and we've had some public disagreements on Facebook. But that doesn't mean I approve of lying about him and what he writes. Ah, nothing in that statement logically leads to your conclusion, Mackey.

Southern heroes who happen to be Confederates are the ones being cast aside by people with an anti-Southern and anti-White agenda. (You will find far fewer Southern heroes of other types -- authors, actors, musical artists, sports stars, etc., -- who are cast aside, particularly when they are leftist suck-ups and demonstrate their own brand of anti-Southern and anti-white attitudes.) Nor is "anti-South" by definition anyone who is not white, and I've never seen Michael, or anyone else, claim that. A lot of white people are anti-South. A lot of white people are anti-White, as well. You are the one defining people's race by their behavior -- not Michael.
Let’s take a look at a couple comments from the loyal readers at the site.
GregFannin-SCV on February 5, 2013 at 9:16 pm
With a large dusky population, what would one expect!
Again, that statement alludes to politicians appeasing racial groups in exchange for being elected, which is what happened in Memphis. BTW, Mackey, "dusky" means "having dark skin, swarthy," a description of African Americans. If it's that word, dusky, bothers you, just apply the term used by indicted-on-21-federal-charges, dusky, swarthy. former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's description of the Crescent City --"Chocolate City"--  to Memphis.  There, there.  All better now?
Jim on February 5, 2013 at 9:22 pm
No doubt with White, Northern Trendy-Lefties egging them on in the background. Too many Southerners ignore this fact. There’s nearly always a Yankee at the bottom of it.
At least one other member of TGTKOG gave the posting a “Like.”
Hmmm.  Why would anyone think neoconfederates are racists?

Why would anyone think that?  Perhaps because they're bigots, like you? So it is considered racist to note the racial politics, the racial political pandering, the racial political appeasement practiced by politicians from one end of the country to the other, but it's not racist for the politicians to do their racial pandering? It's only racist to notice and mention that they're doing it?

Again, as I have written before,
"The obsession to smear others -- particularly with society's witch-hunt issues, of which "racism" is a major one these days -- is sometimes an indicator of a person's feelings of uncertainty about their own morality."
"It's about alleviating your doubts about your own questionable beliefs by lying about others. It's about inflating your own questionable and sagging moral authority by fabricating somebody "worse" than you are."
That is the floggers' MO -- over, under, sideways, down ... backward, forward, square and round.....

Image credit: Photo of torture victim in Argentina's Dirty War found numerous places online, unattributed. Mugshots of Levin & Mackey, various internet sites/blogs.


  1. Well, I don't know what to say Connie other than I find you constant attempts to comment us with communism troubling...but when that is all you have in the away.

    On the other hand since we "flogger" deal with the subject of the Civil War in on form or another it only seems fitting that we focus on how it is remembered or commemorated...therefore the Khmer Rouge or Stalinist purges are not forfront on the radar screen. So when discussions about things like Forrest Park come up we will pay attention to the debate and comment on it from our point of view + an understanding of the historical landscape that you and TGTKOG fail to grasp.

    Concerning the have to remember that not one of the "Flogger" would ever claim that the south is solely responsible for American Slavery...but the south and the Southern Confederacy is the only part of the country to leave the Union over the issue and to start and fight a four year bloody conflict to ensure its survival as well as the way of life it provided for the southern citizen.

    Granted, southerners were not murdering slave as those dictators murdered people during their regimes. But you cannot, with a straight face, deny the impact slavery...both North and south has had on this country. Nor can you deny the leading efforts in the south to deny African-Americans their rights from 1865-1968. That has more to do with the south than the rest of the country and you damn well know it.

    And sort of off the topic...I love how History Manipulators in the SHPG love to tell everyone that the rebel flag has been hijacked by racial groups and its meaning tarnished and hidden from the world by said groups. Remember...the KU KLUX KLAN was developed by the very former confederate soldiers you wish to honor and glorify.

  2. Oh, commenting on communist memes in the flogger (and general leftist) approach is by no means ALL I have in the tube, and I've fired away on you floggers' other foibles before.

    But when the focus is the implication that Southern slavery is mankind's most evil deed -- and that IS the implication, when it is the only "evil deed" mentioned or acknowledged -- then it is my prerogative to point out that it is NOT humanity's greatest evil -- far from it.

    Corey, we don't fail to grasp your POV and your "understanding" of the historical landscape. We CLEARLY (to borrow a Hall-Levinism) grasp them both -- WE JUST DON'T AGREE WITH THEM, and we don't agree with or approve of the false and dishonorable motive behind them.

    The north's complicity in slavery -- even after supposedly "ending" it in their states -- is glossed over, swept under the rug, sanitized, perfumed and then generally ignored by floggers.

    We also don't buy into the lie that the "south" and the "Southern Confederacy" left the union over the issue of slavery. The states of the lower south, the initial wave of secession, seceded over slavery AMONG OTHER THINGS. The states of the upper South seceded primarily because they were about to be bullied by the federal government into militarily invading and attacking the seceded states.

    The military conflict was not to "ensure" the survival of slavery -- nobody threatened its survival at the beginning of the fight, that was tacked on later, to give the Union's morally bankrupt military invasion (because the north couldn't make it as a nation on its own) a veneer of "respectability" and "morality."

    Nobody is denying that slavery had an impact. If you think there is such a denial being made, link to it.

    And yes, after the war, efforts to deny African-American some rights were found mostly in the South BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE THE VAST MAJORITY OF BLACKS LIVED -- then and now. If the black population had been evenly distributed across the country, so would the racial issues and conflicts that occurred in the South, you may rest assured. How do we know? Because in the primarily lily white north, midwest, and west, there are pockets of large black populations -- the cities -- and they are characterized by the same or worse racial strife that exists in the South.

    Initially, Corey, the KKK was developed to protect defenseless white people at the mercy of criminal predators in a lawless military dictatorship. It is deliberate deception on the part of you floggers and other white-Southern-evilizers to ignore that.

    As the former slave Prince Johnson noted, "I have seen a many patrol in my life time, but they never did have enough nerve to come on us's place. Now the Ku Klux was different. I have ridden with them a many a time. It was the only way in them days to keep order."

  3. OMG that second picture, isn't that Jabba the Hutt? LOL!

  4. I'll have to agree with Kevin. He said, "Regardless of whether they like it or not, it’s time for Confederate heritage advocates to adopt a new strategy."

    It's probably not the direction he intended though. For too long we have tread too lightly, trying to maintain the Southern tradition of politeness. Certainly there are those among us who have been anything but restrained, but they were few in number and pretty much marginalized; perhaps they were the correct ones.

    We might want to learn a lesson from the current anti-gun campaign and the people's reaction to it. In the past, there was the belief that compromise was the key to hanging on to at least something. This time, their threats have blown up in their face. There is now no talk of compromise from anyone anywhere regarding gun rights. No More; Not one inch; No Retreat. We finally pushed back with the understanding that the line in the sand has been crossed, and the collectivists must now decide whether they really want to light that fuse. At this point, it looks like they may understand the terrible storm they were about to unleash and are reconsidering.

    It is time for us to say, "No More." Compromise has been met with betrayal. It is time to say, loud and clear, that the word "racist" has a very specific meaning, and we are not going to let its misuse silence us. Charges of "insensitivity" go both ways. Their chief weapon - "political correctness" - only works if we let it work. We just need to dump a bucket of water in their powder keg.

    Kevin Levin is right. It truly IS time for us to adopt a new strategy.


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