Sunday, February 24, 2013

Massive Cognitive Dissonance of the Floggers

(Well. of one of them anyway...)

Rookie Flogger Al Mackey is ketchin' on to what it takes to be a flogger in good standing, real fast. Disparage the intelligence of people you disagree with.  Throw around terms like "lunacy" and "clown" and "idiots".  Real intellectual, ain't it?

He used these words to describe a video on the Daily Show Website here ...

... and asks, "...I really wonder if these folks are serious or if they’re intentionally part of the gag."

Gag? What's completely lost on Mackey is that the Daily Show is leftist comedy -- that is, leftist hatred with an overlay of ridicule that passes for comedy in the leftist mentality. Stewart and the producers of that show craft it to ridicule people they politically and culturally disagree with, and look down on. I can't believe Mackey doesn't know this.

But then, this is the guy who "covered" Julia Ward Howe's hoop-skirted rear end after her admission that she and her fellow abolitionists wanted to "blow up the union" by explaining that what she really wanted was for the pieces of the union, after the great kablooie, to reassemble themselves exactly as before -- but minus slavery...

Once again, we see the massive cognitive dissonance of anti-Confederate floggers....


  1. So Connie do you agree the Hitler and Lincoln a virtually the same as the secessionist claimed and that Lincoln did not extend liberties to certain people?

  2. They were the same in that they were both tyrants that caused massive death. But each had his own brand of tyranny. They were still both tyrants.

    "Extended liberties" is a weasel phrase because it is open to a host of "interpretations". Does it mean the same thing as "Lincoln freed the slaves"? If that's what it means, and that's what he did, why was the 13th Amendment necessary?

    In fact, Lincoln did not "extend liberties" to quite a few newspaper publishers and others who criticized him; he had their butts thrown in prison. And he ordered the slaves of Missouri, I believe it was, back into slavery after Fremont emancipated them.

    Corey, you don't know what the raw footage of that interview looked like, or how it was edited. I used to shoot and edit video as part of my job, and I know how it can be manipulated to create an impact in a viewer. I haven't seen the raw footage, either, but the jury's still out for me on whether (and how) the people in the videos were manipulated, how the editing was manipulated -- or even whether they're actors paid to ridicule conservatives.

    It's instructive (but not surprising) that people who'd complain about this fellow in Texas never utter a peep about the Obama foam (phone) lady or any other leftist idiocy and hatred out there...


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