Sunday, February 10, 2013

What'sa Matter? Cat Got Your Tongue?

When is racism a good and positive thing?

When it is leftist racism against whites.

Over the past decade or so, proSoutherners have increased their attention to the increasing phenomena of racism against white Southerners, and the cleansing of Southern culture, particularly of its Confederate history.

A decade ago, proSoutherners warned the rest of the country that they were not immune to, nor protected from, the same sort of criticism.  We have since seen displaying the U.S. flag attacked at American schools, the playing of the national anthem outlawed, and other manifestations of the same

Michael Cushman at the Southern Nationalist Network and other proSoutherners have begun to call attention to not only anti-white, anti-Southern racism, but to the genocidal component of that racism -- the efforts to replace white Southerners themselves with a different demographic.

We see this happening in other parts of the country -- California, particularly -- and in the country as a whole. The objections of white people to the process of being replaced is, of course, labeled racism by the usual suspects on the left.

Interestingly, though, floggers and their followers, who do so love to evilize white Southerners, have been strangely silent on the demographic replacement -- a form of genocide -- of said white Southerners.

What'sa matter, y'all?  Cat got y'all's tongue?

Image: Composited with photos from and the public domain.

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