Sunday, May 25, 2014

Never Trust Those Who Use Tragedies...

.... to push their own radical agendas.

I found the above comment on Facebook, in reference to this: 
3 Myths About Isla Visa Killer Elliot Roger That the Left Wants You to Believe

But it's equally applicable to this: 
Virginia Flaggers in the News

Starkly demonstrates Simpson's agenda, doesn't it.


  1. Oh Connie, I wanted to thank you for posting my little challenge on your blog earlier this month. I appreciate you helping get the word out.
    That the Floggers choose to ignore a real attempt at a serious discussion on this important social issue is not a shock. Nor were the responses from the two minions from their peanut galleries they sent over. Indeed they were all too easy to refute and had nothing to do with the challenge, just random rants from hatemongers.

    It was intensely gratifying for me to demolish these two representatives of the entire Floggersphere and by extension show up those who were not up to the challenge to taking on a simple country writer.

    1. I am really disappointed yoou did not make a repl;y to Rob Baker. Baker by the way seems to have disappeared. Note that Mackey is only quoting, eh cherry picking, other peoples work to post on his blog. We are doing a good job folks keep the pressure on.

      George Purvis
      Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation andEducation

    2. There wasn't much of substance in what Baker wrote to respond to. It would be like debating philosophy with a See-N-Say.

  2. Simpson blows "The Conch" and they quickly assemble.
    Gazing out at the assembly, Simpson says ---
    "“There isn't anyone to help you. Only me. And I’m the Beast."


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