Friday, May 2, 2014

This 'n' That, May 2, 2014

How many times have you encountered the claim that Kevin Levin's blog is for the purpose of studying "how the civil war is remembered"?

Of course, that's not what it is for. That's funny, what a joke, hahaha.

Kevin Levin is a self-appointed civil war thought cop. His blog is not for studying how the civil war is remembered. It is his vehicle for PASSING JUDGMENT on how the war is remembered. What he approves of, he praises. What he disapproves of, he maligns.

How HE remembers the civil war is his business. How anyone else remembers it is not. But you can't get that simple truth across to a leftist. They are constitutionally incapable of minding their own business.  They can't even grasp the concept, mind your own business. They mind everyone's business  BUT their own.


The floggosphere is getting nasty, folks. For some reason I haven't yet run across, these folks red-hot angry and they get mean and nasty when that happens. Expect more and nastier attacks on Southern heritage, especially Facebook folks and the VaFlaggers.

Does anyone else find it ... telling ... that floggers and floggerettes don't complain about any kind of reenacting except civil war reenacting?  Renaissance Fair? Not a peep out of them. Revolutionary War reenacting? Not a peep out of them. The Battle of Little Bighorn has reenactments. WWII has reenactments. Vietnam War has reenactments. If reenactments are so disrespectful or useless, why no complaints about these others?

Yes, chirren, that is a rhetorical question. We KNOW why, don't we?

I’ve said it before, but I find most Civil War battle reenactments to be disrespectful to the memory of Civil War soldiers. ... Is there really no other way to honor these men?
K. Levin       
Sure there is. But it's being prohibited, punished, erased, etc. (See efforts at Washington and Lee University.)

So don't worry and be patient a little longer, Levin. The day you long for is coming -- the day when honoring these men in any fashion whatever -- at least, the Confederates -- will no longer be allowed.


An excellent rebuttal to a recent tirade by Al Mackey's is posted at the Cold Southern Steel blog  Check it out here.


As my readers are probably aware of by now, I monitor the flogger flogs for gratuitous attacks on Southern heritage and its supporters. I don't care what these  rascals say about other things. They seem to think that because I don't pay attention to what they say about history, I'm uninterested in history, and don't know much about it.

Let me put it this way. I'm uninterested in THEIR versions of history, and their flogs are the LAST place I will look for it, because history is not their true interest, and what they say about it is not reliable. They get all bent out of shape when Confederate heritage supporters post mistakes about history on Facebook and elsewhere. But hey, mistakes are much more forgivable than the flogger practice of deliberately misinterpreting history in order to use it as a club to bash people they don't like.


  1. Regarding Levin, it is the same today as it was was 151 years ago as D.H, Hill noted --

    " A meddling Yankee troubles himself about every body's matters except his own and repents of everybody's sins except his own"

  2. Describes Levin perfectly. That phony loudmouth should just shut up and go back to his segregated school.

  3. At Andy Halls' blog Andy is all weepy about "racism". In between sniffles, Hall manages to tell everyone that he has been invited to speak at the "Laffite Society". And like the Texas Historical Commission where Hall has volunteered and worked for over 20 years, all the Officers of the "Laffite Society" are white. 100 per cent white. Which is funny, because Hall recently attended a Shipboard memorial for the USS Hatteras. That event was invitation only, and it was all white.

    Attaboy Andy! You keep that whites only streak going, and going, and going. Andy Hall is the Energizer Bunny of the white separatists!

  4. If Brooks Simpson, Rob Baker, Kevin Levin and Jimmy Dick are educators and their information is so factual, why is it that we never see anyone that we can identify as one of their students on their blogs?

    Just wondering

    (also posted at coldsouthernsteel)

  5. In a display of hypocrisy so brazen it shocks the conscious, Kevin Levin has posted a photograph of a Southern segregated classroom so his bloggers can make nasty comments. What struck me, of course, is that this photograph could easily haven been taken at the Gann Academy, the segregated school at which Levin teaches. Moreover, if the Confederate Flag was exchanged for a flag with the Star of David, the photograph could have been taken in virtually any school in Israel. Levin is a gutless despicable fraud and a unconscionable hypocrite.

  6. Andy Hall again. Over at his blog, Andy has announced an upcoming event for his newest book. It will take place at the Brazos Bookstore, where the staff is, naturally, all white. Hall is a laugh-riot and may be overtaking Simpsom, Levin and Mackey for hypocrite of the decade.

    PS- Attention Matt Heimbach. If you truly want to live a lily-white life with absolute minimalist contact with ethnic minorities, especially African-Americans, reach out to any one of these guys. But I am not sure if they charge a "whiteopia" consulting fee.


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