Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Well, What'dya Know! Leonard Pitts Says...

...father absence matters....

I've been saying that a long time, ever since I discovered the Fathers' Rights and Men's Rights movements almost a decade ago.

And I've said it on Backsass:





Nice to see a leftist like Mr. Pitts coming around and acknowledging reality.


  1. Its rare but sometimes even Mr. Pitts manages to come up with some small kernel of common sense.

  2. I too, have earned an "I told you so", and in a very, very, big way. In the other thread I plainly stated that Rob Baker wasn't nearly knowledgeable enough to be pedantic, and Baker has proved me correct. At his blog, and while discussing Ft. Sumter, Baker quoted someone who argued that "it isn't material" who fired first. Baker then condescendingly sneered "I'm assuming he meant 'immaterial' not 'isn't material' ". Evidently, and pathetically, Baker is blissfully ignorant that the word "material" has commonplace use as an adjective, and that the original writer used it perfectly. Perfectly. Rob Baker is an unlettered loathsome clod, and a contemptible dunce.

  3. I have answered baker on Cold Southern Steel


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