Friday, May 9, 2014

Okay, if HGTV Is Too Bigoted...

...and anti-Christian to do it, SOMEbody else PLEASE, PUT THESE GUYS ON TELEVISION!

I will make an exception to my avoidance of TV to watch them! Really!

Real Men. Family Men. Christian Men....  Southern Men.

Meet the Benham Brothers from Benham Brothers on Vimeo.

See photos and more videos here:


  1. HEY !!!!! What about Nicole Curtis ? ( Rehab Addict )
    Or are you sexist also ?

    1. Yep, Dave, I am. I mean, LOOK at those guys!

  2. Corey leaves a comment, "Wow, all that material wealth and family love and they cannot realize that not everyone holds their values. To each their own...they need to learn that."

    They not only can realize it, they DO realize it, and they certainly acknowledge it.

    What people like YOU, Corey, and critics of the brothers need to learn is, not everyone holds to homosexual "values". In fact, the vast majority of Americans do NOT hold those "values" even though that doesn't mean they advocate discrimination against "gays". But that doesn't stop HGTV from putting homosexuals in their programs and in their business offices.

    To do that for some and not others is discrimination. Yes, HGTV is within their rights to discriminate in that way, but it is still blatant discrimination, perpetrated by those who CLAIM to be freaking tolerant.

    Besides, the show was going to be about flipping houses, not religion or ideology.

  3. It should be noted Connie and I are good friends, I was just rattlin her cage with my comment.
    Corey on the other hand is like a little kid who hides in the bushes and throws water balloons at passers by.
    He's no real danger but he can be annoying.
    But he is easily dispatched with the truth !


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