Friday, May 2, 2014

You CAN Learn Something At Flogger Flogs

So Simpson posts this cartoon on his blog explaining free speech rights. He has apparently blocked some comments from visitors to his flog, and they complained about his restricting their freedom of speech.

One point made in the discussion is that the First Amendment gives you the right to speak; it doesn't guarantee that you'll have listeners.

It's a very timely flog post, because Simpson has a brand new floggerette in his peanut gallery, a veteran of the W&L comment threads at, a left-liberal by the name of Sandi Saunders who is possibly a retired ol' broad like me, since she posts at at all hours.

One thing she said was that the W&L students who make up "The Committee" -- the ones attacking Robert E. Lee -- have a right to be heard.

Nope. Their right to say what they want does not include the guarantee of listeners. Look at Simpson's cartoon, Sandi, and learn.

Whew! I'm glad we got that settled!

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  1. About the only thing I learn from the Floggers is how to deal with and respond to narcissistic mentalities.
    So far I think I do well for myself in that regard. You Connie however are an Ace at it. :)


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