Friday, March 14, 2014

More Hate, Not History...

... more lies disguised as satire ... more of the lust to denigrate ... more of the obsession hurt and injure, harrass and persecute with words as weapons ... on conspicuous display, here:

Top Ten Reasons This Kickstarter Campaign’s a Bust

There are reasons, of course, why Simpson routinely and frequently abandons posts about history on his "history" blog to engage in his lust to injure, hurt, harass and persecute with words. One is simply because he likes it. He has a bullying personality, but he's a verbal bully, so one assumes he didn't pull the wings off flies when he was a kid (was he ever a kid, ya think?) but both stem from the same motive -- pleasure from inflicting pain, or attempting to. And, failing that, to entertain with the attempt.

Which brings us to reason two. He does it because so many of his readers enjoy the same thing themselves, or enjoy watching others do it. They both enable and reward him with comments in the same vein.

Third, he's desperate for readers and commenters. Since he has apparently run off most of his commenters who are actually interested in actual history, he has cultivated another kind of reader/commenter. Fellow denigrators and bullies. He dare not focus on history to the point of running them off because then his blog would have even fewer readers than his books do.

And if there's anything thing a narcissist craves, it's constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others.

Read more about narcissism here and just see how many of these traits he exhibits.

BTW, when you read that Kickstarter post, hover your cursor over the embedded hyperlinks, and notice how often he "proves" his comment -- with links to his own posts.


In the comments at the hate-post (i.e., the most recent one) at Crossroads  Al Mackey tells David Tatum: 
By the way, David, it’s “fortune’s gaze,” not “fortunes gaze.” Possessive, ya know. Also, it’s not “till,” it’s til.” it’s a contraction of the word “until.” “Till” is something you do to the soil. Always happy to help.
Izzat right?



--- preposition
1.  up to the time of; until: to fight till death.
2.  before (used in negative constructions): He did not come till today.
3.  near or at a specified time: till evening.
4.  Chiefly Midland, Southern, and Western U.S. before; to: It's ten till four on my watch.
5.  Scot. and  North England .
     a.  to.
     b.  unto.

--- conjunction
6   to   the time that or when; until.
7.  before (used in negative constructions).
before 900; Middle English; Old English  (north) til  < Old Norse til  to, akin to Old English till  station, German Ziel  goal. See till2

Till  and until  are both old in the language and are interchangeable as both prepositions and conjunctions: It rained till (or until ) nearly midnight. The savannah remained brown and lifeless until (or till ) the rains began. Till  is not a shortened form of until and is not spelled



-- preposition, conjunction
till; until.
 aphetic variant of until

See till1 

Note also that 'til is NOT a contraction of until. It is an aphetic variant of until. Aphesis is the disappearance or loss of an unstressed initial vowel or syllable.

Don't quitcher day job to take up teachin' vocab-bull-ary, Al.


  1. LOL guy has no new material at all...maybe I should help him out and post some of my cosplay photos online? At least then he won't keep embarrassing himself over old fanfiction stories rather than his total failure at locating any "damning" quotes that label me a "neo-Confederate" or some closet racist or anything....I suppose beating a dead (and at this point rotted to bones) horse is his way of looking like a fool but at least a consistent one.

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  3. Oh well ! This all go's back to when I corrected Simpson's use of the word "Irreguardless" he's been pounding me ever since. Now his lackey's have joined in. I'll keep writing poems and posting "till" Hell freezes over.
    I ain't lousing any sleep over it ! I yam what I yam !


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