Friday, December 13, 2013

I Told You So

A few days ago, in my post about Corey's grand announcement that he's going to quit reading my blog, I said this: 
Academic-type floggers try to limit or restrict information by recognizing only what they agree with and calling it legitimate, while attempting to de-legitimize sources or writings they disagree with. 
You can see a clear and perfect example of this in the comment thread following Simpson's attack on me titled, "A Confederate Heritage Apologist on Slavery". Scroll down to his comments about Michael T. Griffith.

He claims Griffith has been discredited, but does not offer a scintilla of evidence for the claim.

I'm just supposed to believe it because Simpson says it? Ah, no. The answer is no.

Simpson has discredited himself with his lies -- for example, his concealing** information about Benjamin Chastain for the sole purpose of trying to embarrass me (didn't work), his recent statement that I claim to be an expert on rape accusation -- just two of dozens, maybe hundreds, of examples of Simpson lies.  You can't read my blog for long without encountering identification or documentation of his lies or other examples of questionable integrity -- including his desire to hurt and denigrate others. That has most often been seen regarding the Virginia Flaggers (who, so far as I know, have never done anything to him), but it's certainly not limited to them, as this article documents:

I don't doubt that Griffith could be mistaken about some things -- nobody's perfect -- but if Simpson is gonna call him discredited and "simple-minded" (there's the flogger desire to denigrate the intelligence of someone he disagrees with yet AGAIN) while Simpson himself lies like rug repeatedly about the Virginia Flaggers, and me, and others, he will have to find validation from one of his sycophantic peanut gallery floggerettes who themselves are willing to overlook hypocrisy and double standards.Cuz he won't get it from me.

Remember this one?
"Now continue your stalking (which
you admit doing on your blog)."

~Brooks Simpson, to Moi

I've never admitted such a thing. Never claimed it, never said it, never hinted at it, never alluded to it. He's a liar. He's been repeatedly challenged to link to said "admission." He doesn't because he can't because said "admission" doesn't exist. Because he lied about it.

** Either he concealed it, or didn't find it in his "research" online. which doesn't say much about his status as a historian, if he misses something so easy to find; I mean, I found it with no trouble. No, I suspect he left out information because it didn't fit with the "embarrassing" info he was trying to get across.  You can read about it here:


  1. ...and these are suppose to be professional people with high degrees. Can you believe the pettiness? And it's the whole bunch - not just Simpson.

    I've been jousting with them now for several years till their behavior has become an amusement - whether it's a nutty tirade from Jimmy Dick, a sappy, self-righteous post by Ms. Blough or Rob Baker trying to impress me with 50-cent words...I guess what I'm saying is - don't take them too seriously.

  2. "... don't take them too seriously."

    That is absolutely true for the people who knows them. It SHOULD be true for the people who doesn't know them also, but it ain't. The problem is the average dumb Joe in public has been led to believe that these people are professionals, knowing what they are talking about. But the sad fact is those *so-called* professionals are so wrapped up in their own egos and agendas it makes them highly biased. Yet the dumb down Joe public is completely unaware of this, so he takes them seriously and listens to them. This is a reason why we MUST call these self-proclaimed idiots out and show them for what they are. What they are doing is actually evil and the average dumb Joe doesn't even realize it, all because it is those same people who has been educating them all along. Keep it up Ms Connie, we're doing our part, so at least the dumbed down public will see an alternative side to the coin!

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur


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